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Inauguration of the new open-air gym on the Pra ‘Respect Band

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Genoa. A open-air gym on the Pra ‘Respect Band. The new structure, built by Foundation Spring with a loan of Asef, the funeral honors of the Municipality of Genoa, was inaugurated this afternoon in the presence of the councilor for the budget and heritage Pietro Piciocchi e to the President of the Municipality VII Speaker Claudio Chiarotti.

La palestra fitness outdoor (o skyfitness) consists of quattro gear: a leg press, a chest press, a years machine it’s a rower machine, machines usually present in the weight room of indoor gyms that guarantee the training of all parts of the body. The structure is immediately accessible and available for all those who have the desire to train outdoors.

Pra ‘skyfitness completes the “Citadel of sport”On the buffer zone, alongside the cycle-pedestrian track, the swimming pool, the soccer field with athletics track and the skate park. “Skyfitness is available to everyone, no cards or registration are needed – he explains Guido Barbazza, honorary president of the Spring Foundation – You just need to want to train in an environment that is certainly covid free, because it is outdoors ”. Barbazza emphasizes that the open-air gym “is a new, important step in the development program of Pra ‘and we address a big thank you to Asef and to those who helped us”.

Franco Rossetti, administrative and management manager of Asef recalled that “for years now and in various areas Asef has been committed to promoting sporting activity. Sport is a vehicle of values, such as dedication, sacrifice and drive towards the goal, which we try to promote in every sector, even within the company. This is why we support sports clubs in various disciplines and we have enthusiastically welcomed the proposal of the Primavera Foundation to create an open-air gym available to all those who wish to use it, considering it a common good “.

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The sole administrator echoes him Maurizio Barabino who comments: “The Prà buffer zone is today the center of gravity of a large city area that has found an outlet to the sea with the tourist port and a social lung in the sports facilities present in the upstream area. In collaboration with the Primavera Foundation, which has always been involved in the area, we are pleased to contribute to adding a new piece to the mosaic of proposals to citizens that revolve around recreational and sporting activities ”.

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