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Incentives and overtime, tightening on coin-loving doctors – Healthcare

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Incentives and overtime, tightening on coin-loving doctors – Healthcare

Incentives for doctors and nurses in the Emergency Department as early as June, tightening on the use of ‘token-friendly’ white coats and an increase in rates from 60 to 100 euros for additional medical services, or overtime for doctors aimed at streamlining expectations. Ad hoc measures are arriving against personnel shortages in public health, on the basis of the bill decree approved today in the Council of Ministers. “With this first decree, some critical issues present within our national health system are eliminated, I am thinking of overcoming the exclusivity constraint for nurses”, explained the undersecretary of health Marcello Gemmato.

In particular, nurses “will be able to practice their profession even beyond working hours, giving them the possibility of equalizing the difference between the needs and availability of professionals”. The objective is also to limit the use of on-call doctors: they can be employed by healthcare companies only in case of need and urgency, on a single occasion and without the possibility of extension, following the verified impossibility of using personnel already in service or to hire the suitable ones.

In addition, coin-operated doctors and nurses can only be hired in hospital emergency-urgency departments, for a period not exceeding twelve months, and must meet the required professional requirements. A ceiling will be established for their salary. At the same time, the aim is to block the escape of professionals from the NHS, also by providing incentives for the most exposed categories such as doctors in the emergency room: funds of 200 million euros are envisaged, the availability of which has been brought forward from January 2024 to June 2023.

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At the same time, however, it is established that healthcare personnel who voluntarily interrupt their employment relationship with a public healthcare facility to work for a private economic operator that provides outsourced services cannot subsequently request the re-establishment of the employment relationship. of work with the NHS. And the postgraduates also take the field against the shortcomings. Until 31 December 2025, on an experimental basis, doctors in specialist training can in fact assume, on a voluntary basis and outside the hours dedicated to training, freelance professional positions in hospital emergency services, for a maximum of 8 hours per week.

An hourly fee is paid for these activities, which supplements the remuneration envisaged for specialist training, equal to 40 euros gross. Again in order to deal with the serious shortage of personnel, until 31 December 2025 the temporary exercise of the health professions is then permitted on the basis of a professional qualification obtained abroad. On the thorny issue of payback, however, a state contribution has been instituted, which should amount to 1.1 billion for 2023, to cover the exceeding of the spending ceiling for medical devices. A tightening is also foreseen for the fight against violence against white coats. In fact, every act of violence against healthcare professionals is now qualified as a ‘serious injury’ and is punishable by imprisonment from 4 to 10 years, as already established by law 113/2020 on safety for healthcare professionals.

Meanwhile, negotiations for the renewal of the 2019-2021 employment contract of the medical and health area management have resumed at Aran (Public Administration Negotiation Agency). The confrontation “is proceeding but the distances are still deep and a synthesis has not yet been found, especially with respect to the nodes concerning union relations and career paths”, says Andrea Filippi, national secretary of the CGIL Public Function. The next meeting is scheduled for April 3rd.

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