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“Increase of covid infections does not worry”

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The increase in infections does not worry me at all. In 99% of cases, unvaccinated people arrive at the hospital showing a form of a disease that fortunately does not have the characteristics of last year“. Professor Alberto Zangrillo, head of resuscitation at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, thus photographs the situation of the covid in Italy by intervening in the Fourth Republic. “In the swabs performed daily we detect a percentage of infected people who do not arrive at the hospital. We doctors, who do a passionate job because we like it, must tell the truth. Fortunately, thanks to vaccination, we can go with our heads held high and we can say that we have done so. school and to contain the number of people who arrive at the hospital because they really need it, “says Zangrillo.

People who have affections of the upper respiratory tract arrive at the hospital, they are mainly elderly, in 99% of cases they are unvaccinated people who manifest a form of disease that fortunately does not have the characteristics of last year, in some way it has however changed. Finally we can devote ourselves to other pathologies: at this moment we are worried about the huge waiting lists of patients who have nothing to do with covid. Continuing to see the number of daily infections as the first, second or third news is of very little interest to us “, he adds.

The discussion on the origins of the coronavirus remains topical. “An American institutional body, the National Intelligence Council, has been tasked with figuring out how, where and when covid originated. There are still many question marks. An online article in Time Magazine says that questioning now is how going to the scene of a crime 2 years late. There is a lack of information, it is not really usual for our Chinese friends to say everything that happens, “he says. “It is almost certain that it was not built in the laboratory, but there are still question marks“on the hypothesis” that an accident may have occurred. This requires a very serious reasoning: we must be ready in the future to face similar situations in the future, without fear but with organization “.

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Zangrillo insists on the importance of balanced information. “The flu will come, some virologists have already tried to scare the Italians by saying ‘you’ll see what happens, I expect 6 million infections’. It’s a completely false assumption”, he says. “We are particularly attentive to what happens in the southern hemisphere. Influenza is a perennial epidemic: in Australia last year in July and August there were 190 and 126 cases of influenza reported as sentinel episodes, this year we have 52. and 1 throughout August. To say that we expect 6 million cases in Italy, it means that you have the wrong job and you do not have to be a doctor. I know that after me the debate will break out, I take the responsibility of saying what happens starting from real data “.

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