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Indicators and grids lea, but does monitoring really work?

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Indicators and grids lea, but does monitoring really work?


It has emerged that widely varying reports have been drawn up by different Regions regarding the functioning of healthcare, leading to confusion and dissatisfaction among users and operators. This comparison is based on the New Guarantee System grid, which was introduced in March 2019 and consists of 88 indicators grouped into different areas, including prevention, district assistance, and social equity indicators.

Andrea Angelozzi, a psychiatrist, has raised a number of issues with the grid in a letter to the editor. Angelozzi points out that the system neglects critical areas such as counseling, drug addiction, and child neuropsychiatry, and does not adequately consider the different levels of resources and services available in different regions. In particular, Angelozzi highlights the paradox that a lack of resources can lead to optimal scores for certain indicators, even if it reflects poor quality of care.

Furthermore, Angelozzi raises concerns about the composition of the committee responsible for verifying the provision of Essential Levels of Assistance (LEAs), suggesting that it may lead to a self-assessment of service providers.

There are also concerns about the correlation between the indicators chosen in the New Guarantee System grid and the actual health needs expressed by citizens. This divide raises questions about the effectiveness of the assessment system and how well it reflects the reality of healthcare delivery in different regions.

Angelozzi’s concerns shed light on the complexities and potential shortcomings of the current assessment system and call for a more comprehensive and meaningful evaluation that properly considers the diverse healthcare needs of citizens across different regions.

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