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Induction charging ready on the A35 Brebemi motorway

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Induction charging ready on the A35 Brebemi motorway

The experimental circuit “Arena del Futuro”, along the A35 Brebemi motorway, becomes increasingly operational: in Chiari (Bs) it has just been presented by the President of A35 Brebemi Francesco Bettoni and by the project partners, in the presence of the Minister della Repubblica Mariastella Gelmini, induction charging technology for electric cars o Dwpt (Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer)now tested in various parts of the world.

In light of the various tests carried out and in progress on this technology, in particular within the Italian project “Arena del Futuro”, it is confirmed that the DWPT has extraordinary advantages. In the path towards the decarbonisation of transport through electric mobility, in the face of critical issues related to the life and size of the batteries, induction charging can contribute to a transition towards sustainable mobility models that further improve the users’ experience in the field. .


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by Antonio Dini

Among the many advantages of induction charging technology, research is highlighting: greater energy efficiency of the vehicle thanks to charging while traveling, a reduction in the volume of batteries in vehicles without impacting the load capacity of goods and people, an increase in average life. of the battery itself thanks to the fact that charging peaks would be avoided because it would be powered at intervals during the day. Once fully operational, the system will be able to contribute to improving the quality of the user’s journey, thanks to a reduction in stop times for recharging linked to the optimal combination of different recharging systems.

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