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Infected with hepatitis C “during chemotherapy”, five cancer patients report the ASL Roma 5

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Infected with hepatitis C “during chemotherapy”, five cancer patients report the ASL Roma 5

Chemotherapy patients infected with hepatitis C at Rome hospital file lawsuit, fear for their lives

Five cancer patients who received chemotherapy at the Tivoli hospital in Rome have filed a lawsuit against ASL Roma 5 after contracting hepatitis C during their treatment. The patients, aged between 40 and 55, did not know each other but found out that they had all experienced similar copycat experiences during their chemotherapy sessions, leading them to seek legal action together.

The infections allegedly occurred over a three-month period from November 2022 to January 2023. All five patients underwent routine blood tests before starting chemotherapy, and the results came back negative for HIV and hepatitis antigens. However, the infection was only detected several months later during a screening requested by the Lazio Region.

This shocking revelation has forced the affected patients to interrupt their anti-tumor treatments and begin taking powerful antivirals. They now face added damage and uncertainty about their life expectancy, in addition to battling cancer.

Lawyer Claudia Ciavarella, representing the patients, stated that ASL Roma 5 had not acted with due diligence and had even omitted the opening of the accident reports for two of the infected individuals. The lawyer has requested compensation under article 1 of law 210 of 1992 for those irreversibly damaged by medical procedures.

Meanwhile, internal inspections and investigations by the Carabinieri’s NAS unit have failed to trace the source of the possible contagion within the hospital. ASL Roma 5 has initiated a procedure to check for any critical issues in the chemotherapy process, including the preparation and administration of medicines, but so far, no concrete evidence has been found.

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The patients’ lawyer also indicated that informally, she has learned that the number of infected patients could be as high as twenty, raising concerns about unreported cases.

The affected patients and their legal representation are now looking to the Tiburtina judiciary to investigate and provide clarity on the situation, as they navigate their battle against cancer and the added challenges of a hepatitis C infection.

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