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Inflammation of the prostate|prostatitis|  Gesundheit-Aktuell.de

The inflamed prostate is very swollen, making it difficult to urinate. If there is an acute inflammation of the prostate, it may no longer be possible to urinate (acute urinary retention). You may also experience pain during bowel movements. Typical side effects include fever, sweating, chills, a general feeling of illness and a frequent and painful urge to urinate. There is also constant pressure pain and a feeling of tension in the perineal and anus region, which accompanies bowel movements and makes sitting painful.

The diagnosis is made on the one hand by palpation of the swollen prostate rectally and on the other hand by a laboratory examination of the urine.

Acute prostate inflammation generally heals in 10-14 days. However, it can also progress to a chronic stage. Chronic prostatitis is a bacterial inflammation of the prostate that arises from unhealed acute prostatitis. It is accompanied by symptoms such as burning when urinating, frequent urge to urinate, discharge and uncharacteristic complaints in the lower abdomen and intestines.

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