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Influenza 2021, symptoms, contagion, vaccine, treatment, spread

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L’iinfluence 2021 it has arrived and you are spreading in Italy 4 times faster than the last ones 15 years. According to data from Influnet the starting line in the 42nd week it is very high. The data match what experts had predicted as early as September.

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There are already many family epidemics: generally the first to become infected is the child, then all the others follow. In this case, the data is reported by many family doctors.

Influenza 2021: record spread in Italy

The incidence is already at 4.16 for every thousand assisted (45th week). For comparison, in 2019-2020 (the last season in which a seasonal epidemic was detected), the incidence in the same period was of 1.75 almost per thousand inhabitants.

In 2021 and in this period the incidence is divided as follows by age group:

  • 0 – 4 years: 17.87 cases per thousand assisted;
  • 5 – 14 years: 4.47 cases per thousand assisted;
  • 15-65 years: 3.63 cases per thousand assisted;
  • over 65 years: 2.07 cases per thousand assisted.

This week I’m in bed with the flu 246,000 Italians, from the beginning of the surveillance the cases have been 811.000. But the figures could be much higher, only a few GPs and pediatricians have so far submitted their data.

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Influenza 2021: Regions with surveillance (and those not)

In regions where surveillance has been activated (Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna), there is a level of prevalence of flu-like syndromes above the baseline.

9 regions have not yet been equipped: Val d’Aosta, Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Autonomous Province of Trento, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Umbria, Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sardinia.

Influenza 2021: it spreads more because …

Influenza 2021 spreads with greater ease, because last year the population did not develop antibodies: the virus has circulated little for the anti Covid measures.

The first data on the spread are rather worrying, also for this reason the doctors advise vaccination, especially for people most at risk.

Flu 2021: respiratory disease

As you know, the flu is one respiratory disease caused by viruses they infect nose, throat and lungs. In this same period, with the cold season, they also circulate other viruses That causes very similar symptoms: adenovirus, rhinovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, the coronavirus itself, and others.

Flu 2021: all the symptoms

I main symptoms of the 2021 flu are these:

  • high fever;
  • cough
  • muscle aches.

These instead i secondary symptoms (but often present):

  • headache;
  • chills;
  • loss of appetite;
  • fatigue;
  • sore throat.

Ma can occur also:

These last three symptoms they mainly affect children.

Influenza 2021: how it is transmitted

Influenza 2021 (but this is a constant) is transmitted by air, with the droplets of saliva and respiratory secretions.


  • cough;
  • sneezing;
  • close-range interview.
  • Indirectly:
  • dispersion of droplets
  • secretions on objects and surfaces.

In practice, to avoid contagion it is necessary to adopt the same security measures for the covid (masks, safety distances, avoid crowded places indoors, wash your hands often).

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Also for this reason last year the flu did not spread (almost all over the world).

Influenza 2021: the complications

the complications of the 2021 flu are just the usual:

  • bacterial pneumonia;
  • dehydration;
  • worsening of pre-existing diseases (diabetes, chronic immune or cardiovascular and respiratory diseases);
  • sinusiti;
  • otitis (especially in children).

These complications are more frequent in people over 65 and in risky conditions.

But with the 2021 flu there have been serious cases even among people not included in those categories.

Influenza 2021: prevention

As we saw last year it is possible to prevent the flu. Using the precautions already provided for the covid and staying at home if sick.

One of the most useful gestures to prevent the spread of the infection (or at least contain it) is to wash your hands after a sneeze, or blowing your nose or coughing.

Influenza 2021: vaccination

It is obviously possible get vaccinated against influenza 2021. And concomitance with the covid pandemic, it is recommended to anticipate the administration and at the same time to make it available at any time of the season.

Influenza vaccination 2021 is particularly suitable for patients at risk.

The immune response takes about two weeks, after injection, to fully manifest.

The 2021 influenza vaccines available in Italy have been authorized by both Ema and Aifa, the drug regulatory bodies of the European Union and Italy.

However, the type of vaccine that is used depends on each individual region.

Influenza vaccines are available in Italy quadrivalent and which contain 2 type A viruses and two type B viruses.

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