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Influenza, away to vaccines: “Early peak, we aim for children”. 68 thousand doses ready

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Influenza, away to vaccines: “Early peak, we aim for children”.  68 thousand doses ready

A public health plan with a dual mission: “To prevent people from falling ill with possible complications and to counteract the overcrowding of the hospital in the winter”, as the director general of the Piacenza Ausl underlines Paola bardasi. Our territory is ready to start, from today, with the flu vaccination campaign. Objective: to reach 75% vaccination coverage in citizens aged 65 and over, thus increasing last year’s result by 65.2% (in line with the regional average of 65.1% and the national average of 58.1% %).

NASAL SPRAY FOR CHILDREN – But there is something new: this time the flu vaccines are also available free of charge for all children from six months to six years of age, including healthy subjects, because “it is a dangerous disease, with serious complications under the age of three. – clarifies the pediatrician Roberto Sacchetti – such as otitis, pneumonia, dehydration and exacerbation of respiratory problems “. And the little ones represent a particularly sensitive band to the spread of the virus, this explains the expansion of the campaign decided by the Region. Pediatricians, among other things, can use a new vaccination modality: the nasal spray.

“EARLY PEAK AND MORE INFECTING VIRUS” – In total, 68,000 doses are available for Piacenza, which can increase to 78,000. “It is a smaller quantity than in the past to avoid waste”, points out the director of the pharmaceutical department Simonetta Roots. “A more infectious flu virus and an anticipated peak is expected – specifies the director of public hygiene Alessandra Rampini. – not surprisingly, the campaign starts now and not in mid-November as in previous years “.

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RECIPIENTS OF THE FREE VACCINATION – Influenza vaccination is offered free of charge to people aged 60 or over with particular regard to operators and residents of care facilities, with or without chronic diseases; pregnant women, regardless of gestational age or postpartum; doctors and health care personnel in health, social-health and social-assistance structures; subjects of any age admitted to long-term care facilities; people in the 6 months-59 years age group with chronic diseases that expose them to a high risk of complications or hospitalizations related to influenza (including cohabitants); employees of public services of primary collective interest (law enforcement and civil protection, including the Fire Brigade, Carabinieri, Military and Municipal Police; public transport, post and communications personnel, emergency health service volunteers and employees public administration who perform essential services); people in contact with fragile subjects; personnel who, for work reasons, are in contact with animals that could be a source of infection with non-human influenza viruses; volunteers in the social and health sector and blood donors. At the request of the interested parties, free admission is also provided for healthy children from six months to six years.

WHERE TO GET VACCINATED – Those over 60, the chronically ill and their families and pregnant women should contact their family doctor. The residential and semi-residential facilities for the elderly, disabled and vulnerable people will guarantee, in collaboration with the Ausl services, vaccination for guests and their operators. Healthy children aged six months to six years and frail children, at risk of complications, can request it from the family pediatrician. Essential service workers, blood donors and other categories can request free vaccination from Public Health and Hygiene. For the health workers of the Ausl, there is already an outpatient clinic dedicated to the Piacenza hospital.

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PAID VACCINES The vaccine can be administered in the regional vaccination services for a fee at the request of the interested parties to healthy subjects who fall within the age groups 7 years – 59 years, but only on condition that the vaccination of the categories for which the ministry provides for the free active offer.

The campaign was presented today by the professionals of the Ausl, including the medical director Andrea Magnacavallothe head of the prevention service Giampietro Echelonthe referent of primary care Anna Maria Andena and the head of community pediatrics Cristina Stretcher. “Among the elderly people die of flu – remarks Andena – which is why this preventive work is fundamental, also through the collaboration of family doctors”.


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