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Influenza, longer times for the vaccination campaign

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The “thermometer” is that of the calls of citizens to general practitioners, in a decisive climb. However, the flu vaccination has not yet taken off, even if this seems to be the decisive week for the bureaucratic-organizational details: that is, the signing of the company agreement between ATS and general practitioners, with the definition of operating procedures and some news, on all the new regional portal for the management of appointments and administrations.

At the end of September, the ATS had indicated the starting horizon for the campaign on October 15. It was not so. Or rather: the very first injections actually occurred even in advance, but only for co-administration with the third dose of anti-Covid for immunocompromised, over 80, health workers; the “massive” campaign, on the other hand, will probably kick off close to the beginning of November.

“The flu and vaccination season is upon us, the vaccines seem available – notes Mirko Tassinari, Bergamo secretary of Fimmg, general practitioners union -. We are waiting for a new call from Ats to conclude the agreement ». “Patients are starting to ask intensely for information on vaccination, but at the moment we have not been given the official route – explains Marco Agazzi, head of Snami Bergamo, another name for white coats -. For those over 80, we try to direct them to vaccination hubs where they can receive it together with the third dose of anti-Covid ». “We are on the side of users, GPs have never pulled back over the years in terms of vaccinations and have also shown it for Covid – specifies Vincenzo De Gaetano, Bergamo representative of the SMI, Italian doctors union -. We await the definition of the agreement, I trust that we will start soon ».

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