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Ingrown hairs: the steps to follow to prevent them

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Ingrown hairs: the steps to follow to prevent them

Ingrown hairs are every woman’s nightmare, but by following some precautions it is possible to prevent them. Here’s what to do while shaving.

During depilation it is very common to find some ingrown hair; we women have accepted it as an inevitable problem, whether we shave with wax, epilator or razor. And if I told you that the fault is not the hair removal in itself? This was confirmed by an expert dermatologist, who underlined that the cause of ingrown hairs is actually the way we (not) take care of our skin before and after hair removal. Folliculitis and ingrown hairs are normal in areas that are often depilated, especially the legs and bikini area in women, the beard in men.

When we pluck or cut the hair, its hair follicle, or the small skin sac in which the hair is formed, remains exposed and vulnerable to germs and bacteria, which can creep under the skin and cause inflammation and infection. That’s how those are formed unsightly red, swollen, pustular patches on the skin, which consequently will not leave room for the future hair to grow healthy, thus remaining trapped under the most superficial layer of the skin. Following some small post-depilation precautions we can avoid and prevent all this and we can say goodbye forever to needles and tweezers to remove ingrown hairs.

Goodbye ingrown hairs: what to do before and after hair removal to prevent them

The main cause of ingrown hairs is the weakening of the tip of the hair, which prevents it from penetrating the last layer of skin, causing inflammation and infection. What we can do to avoid post-depilation ingrown hair is keep the skin hydrated and, above all, exfoliated. Before depilation we must exfoliate the skin, so as to eliminate dead cells on the surface; this process, in most cases, will free the trapped hair. We can use a scrub in the shower or an exfoliating body brush on damp skin before moving on to actual hair removal.

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The precautions to take before and after depilation – Beautician

Once the waxing or razor is done, we must absolutely not forget to nourish the skin; the post-depilatory creams they are the best choice as they not only moisturize the skin but also have a soothing and anti-inflammatory function. Alternatively we can always use ours oils or moisturizers preferred, depending on the type of skin and the level of hydration it needs. If all the tricks are not enough and you still have ingrown hairs, the only solution is to remove them manually. Always use quanta and sterile syringes, disinfectant and antibiotic creams.

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