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Innovative medical therapy methods for hair loss

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Innovative medical therapy methods for hair loss

How hair growth in women and men can be improved with new medical methods.

PRP treatment for hair loss

Bio-regenerative hair root stimulation

Full hair is not only a beauty ideal, but also an important factor for self-esteem. Hair loss often has a negative impact on self-confidence in men and women and is perceived as an enormous restriction in quality of life.

Our triple concept of bio-regenerative hair root stimulation promises denser and thicker hair to prevent balding. In this way, our hair loss treatment makes a decisive contribution to a better attitude towards life.

Endogenous Growth Factors (PRP)

The injection treatment of the scalp with the body’s own growth factors (PRP = platelet-rich plasma) is an effective method with few side effects for congenital hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). This leads to the formation of new blood vessels and stimulation of cell division and cell growth.

Low-Level-Lasertherapie (LLLT)

With the help of our 10-channel LED laser technology (5x red light laser 658nm and 5x infrared laser 808nm) the energy metabolism in the cell structures of the hair roots is improved. According to current studies, the stimulating effect of the electromagnetic radiation makes hair grow stronger and more hair grows.

Micronutrients for collagen formation

The body needs important building blocks for collagen formation and optimal hair growth promotion: B vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. We combine the best active ingredients for you in an infusion therapy. Alternatively, they can also be used as a dietary supplement or directly on the scalp.

We are a medical practice specializing in laser therapy for tattoo removal and hair growth promotion. For the treatment of hair loss we offer the combination therapy of PRP, laser and infusion.

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