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inside the horror house of Senago

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inside the horror house of Senago

In the late morning of tomorrow, the Carabinieri of the Scientific Investigations Section of the Milan Investigative Unit and the Homicide Investigators will carry out the site inspection in the house in via Novella 14/A of Senago, where the thirty-year-old barman Alessandro Impagnetiello stabbed to death The partner Giulia Tramontano, pregnant in the seventh month. The white suits of the Sis will work to find evidence of the words of the confessed murderer, who declared first in front of the prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo and then in front of the investigating judge Angela Minerva that he had inflicted several blows to the twenty-nine year old’s neck inside the apartment of the second plan, and then carry the body in the bathtub and try to set it on fire with alcohol and a lighter.

The murder weapon

The specialists in via Moscova will also look for themurder weapon, in all likelihood a kitchen knife: it is very probable that they will take delivery of all the blades in the house, to then carry out the scientific findings and establish which of those was used to strike the woman. The checks will also extend to the “appurtenances” of the house, that is to say to the cellar and garage where Impagnatiello reported having moved the body at various times, between late Sunday evening and the night between Tuesday and Wednesday (although the military backdates this last move to 24 hours earlier).

The autopsy on Giulia’s body

Friday morning, however, will be carried out the autopsy on Giulia’s body to establish how many times she was hit and to analyze the cuts on her left arm, also to understand if she injured herself as her partner said or if it was the thirty-year-old who hit her after her death.

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