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Insomnia: an enemy that can be beaten

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Two years of limits and closures have aggravated the problem of insomnia. It has always been a widespread problem, today it is even more so. Here are some strategies that will help you beat it.

Insomnia is a problem that should not be underestimated. It makes you weak, irritable, emotionally fragile, steals physical and mental energy. It risks ruining our life and also that of those around us. But the good news is that it is possible to beat her by adopting a few strategies.

Smartphones and tablets in bed: a bad idea | Web Source

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First of all an important rule: read all the articles you want but first go to your doctor, and try to understand the causes of insomnia, which can sometimes also have medical reasons, which must be treated by doctors and not with self-diagnosis and home therapies.

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But very often the causes of insomnia are emotional, first and foremost stress. And in these cases we have to act, and it’s possible to do it.

First of all, we create a comfortable place to sleep. The too hot, cold, humid, noise, do not help. It seems absurd, but the wrong environment is a major reason for disturbed sleep. Let’s also surround ourselves with objects that make us feel good and at ease and sleep will also benefit.

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Also light is important. Not everyone likes to sleep in absolute darkness. If you also need some light, let it be light, diffused. Better that the source is hidden behind a piece of furniture, not directly visible. And then pay attention to the color: to avoid yellow and blue, which according to some theories induce tension.

Healthy physical and sexual activity helps you sleep better |  Web Source
Healthy physical and sexual activity helps you sleep better | Web Source

Doing activities physical and sexual, going to bed satisfied and pleasantly tired definitely improves sleep. If you are still looking for the perfect partner, a bike ride during the day or a half hour walk in the afternoon can help.

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It is also from avoid the use of electronic devices, phones, tablets, not only in bed but also just before going to bed. The mental activity that these devices produce (at least hopefully) keeps you awake, plus there is the effect of the backlit screen that excites the visual receptors, creating conditions contrary to those used to fall asleep.

Location matters

Location is another often underestimated element. Research shows that sleeping on your side or on your stomach aids sleep density.

Quite the opposite for the position on the back that it tends to make sleep lighter and more fragile.

On the back_ a wrong position |  Web Source
On the back_ a wrong position | Web Source

An energetic and active life always begins with a good night’s sleep. If you have a hard time falling asleep, try these tips. And have a good rest!

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