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Instagram adds templates and tools to make Reels easier to create

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Instagram adds templates and tools to make Reels easier to create

Instagram Remix

Meta has added a slew of new tools to Instagram to better allow Reels to compete with TikTok. First of all, you can now remix not only videos, but also photos, adding more materials that can be used. Remix also adds more layout methods, including green screen, screen split, and picture-in-picture, making it easier for you to retrofit an existing Reel, or to comment or react to it. In addition, you can also add your remix to the end of the existing Reel without having to play synchronously, which may be more suitable for adding your thoughts after the movie.

In addition to these new tools, Meta has also introduced more templates with preloaded music and transition effects to make Reels creation easier – just add photos and videos and you’re done. Another new feature is the ability to shoot with both the front and rear cameras in Instagram Camera, increasing creative possibilities.

Finally, Meta confirmed that all future Instagram videos uploaded will automatically become Reels as long as they are shorter than 15 minutes. Also, if Reeks is less than 90 seconds and you don’t make your account private, there is a chance to be promoted in the app for increased visibility. The let feature will go live in the next few weeks, and older videos will not be affected. The Instagram app will also integrate videos and Reels into one page in the future.

Just a few days ago, Instagram introduced a new feature that allows creators to earn money by locking their content behind a feed wall. Meta promises that creators will not take a cut of the revenue until 2024, and in the second half of 2022 will be particularly focused on ways for creators to make money through Reels, so I will hear more about using Reels to earn Income plan.

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