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Internal Medicine of the Senigallia Hospital: “From ‘Heroes’ of Covid to ‘stage holes’: that’s enough!”

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Medical managers of the department rely on Avv. Canafoglia of UNC against the injunction of first aid personnel

Senigallia Hospital

For years the First aid of the hospital of Senigallia operates constantly shortage of medical staff, which the Healthcare Company has recently decided to solve by resorting to injunction of doctors from the other departments of the Senigallia hospital.

The emergency room is vital for the hospital and its users as a whole, but due to its lack of staff it cannot be made up for by drawing human resources from other departments, with consequent negative repercussions on the quality of services and on the regular functioning of the same departments!

To stop such action i Medical Executives of the Internal Medicine Department of the Hospital of Senigallia have instructed the lawyer. Corrado Canafoglia of the National Consumers Union to request a meeting with company and political top management to submit the problem and the relative solutions to them, but also to prepare a complaint addressed to the competent Authorities.

The main objective of this action is the protection of the quality of services provided to the users of the Emergency Department and the Internal Medicine Department of the city hospital.

A chronic shortage of medical staff in an important ward such as the emergency room is not made up for by subtracting resources from the internal medicine ward or other departments.

It should not be forgotten that the doctors of Internal Medicine are the ones who in the first, second and third waves of the pandemic everyone called “Heroes” for having fought together with the nurses against the virus, they are the ones who have continued to treat even non-Covid patients and who they are preparing today to face the fourth wave, all in religious silence.

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They are the ones who have held grueling shifts and they took care not only of Covid patients, but of every other patient and continued to insure one daily counseling assistance to colleagues in the emergency room while simultaneously fulfilling the needs for the care of the sick in their ward.

For years now we have been witnessing the staffing problems of the Emergency Department, many cries of alarm coming from various parts, but unfortunately to date no organized action has been seen aimed at resolving the problem definitively.

Who thinks of fixing the staff shortages of the Emergency Department by drawing on the human resources of other departments and primarily from that of Internal Medicine two aspects are not clear:

1 – in each department of the hospital there is no redundant staff, so if you move a doctor from a ward to cover a hole in the ER you create a problem in that ward
2 – the specialization in medicine is the basis of quality of the service provided to users: expecting a doctor, who has followed a course of study and has been practicing the profession in a specific field for years, to devote one night and / or one day a month in a department where a different knowledge and experience is required means reducing the quality of the service with risks of negative repercussions on patients and also on doctors themselves.

The doctors of the Internal Medicine ward, accustomed to working in silence for the benefit of users, now they say enough and above all they believe that the time has come to systematically tackle the problem of staff shortages in the Emergency Department, not intending to change gives “Heroes” a “Tappabuchi”.

It is time to stop playing on words, organic and systematic decisions are needed, planning and the real will to invest in a precious asset which is the protection of the health of citizens, if you want to maintain a high level of quality in the provision of health services provided to users.

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The doctors of the Internal Medicine Department of the Senigallia Hospital in May 2021 sent a request in self-defense to the top management representing the operational difficulties related to the staff shortages of the Emergency Department, but having not had a concrete answer after 6 months they decided not to surrender to unacceptable choices, working with the same tenacity and dedication to treat Covid patients, and not aspiring to be called “Heroes”, but only ad exercise the medical profession in the best possible way especially in the interest of users and maintaining the quality of the services offered by the hospital.

Where this last public request will remain unheard they are ready to resort to the judicial route.

gives National Consumers Union


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