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iOS 16 tutorial on controlling nearby devices, let iPhone control iPad/iPhone devices

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iOS 16 tutorial on controlling nearby devices, let iPhone control iPad/iPhone devices

Apple will add a new version of iOS 16Control nearby devices“New feature that can be accessed through the iPhone”Control nearby devices“Can directly wirelessly control another nearby iPhone or iPad device, how to set the function? And what are the connection conditions? Through this iOS 16 Control nearby devicesA comprehensive understanding of.

Controlling the function of nearby devices through iOS is equivalent to turning the iPhone into a remote remote control, just like you control the presentation with a presentation pen. By controlling the nearby devices without physical lines, the iPhone can directly remotely control the iPad operation. It is expected that In the future, the presentation function may be integrated, so that lecturers can use iPad devices to project presentations on the podium, walk around with iPhones in their hands, and remotely control functions such as the up and down pages of presentations.

Basic conditions for iOS to control nearby devices

However, in order to use the iPhone to control the functions of nearby devices, the following conditions are required:

  • The device needs to be upgraded to iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 to use (minimum iOS 16 Beta 4 or above)
  • Can only control an iPad or iPhone device from an iPhone, not an iPhone device from an iPad
  • Both devices need to be logged into the same Apple ID account
  • All devices need to have bluetooth turned on to be able to connect (no network required)

Reminder that the iOS 16 beta test version is currently available. This function is only available in iOS 16. It is recommended to wait until the official version of iOS 16 is released in the fall before upgrading. If you have an idle iPhone device, you can also download the iOS 16 beta test version through the and Upgrade Skills Teaching” to try out and experience the new system functions.

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How to use iPhone to control nearby devices? What are the functions?

Via iOS”setting“choose”Auxiliary use“, you can find “Control nearby devices“New feature option.

How to use iPhone to control nearby devices

If you want to control nearby devices through your iPhone, go to “Control nearby devices」。

How to use iPhone to control nearby devices 1

willDisplays nearby iPhone or iPad devices that can be remotely controlled

How to use iPhone to control nearby devices 3

When the iPhone is connected to another Apple device, it will pop up “Device connection“Reminder notification, the connection process does not need to enter any pairing code verification.

How to use iPhone to control nearby devices 4

On the iPhone “Control nearby devices” page, you can useFive common basic controlsandmusic controlif you want to control the music, just click “More (•••) icons”, all remote control function menus will be displayed in full. Below are the menu function buttons for iOS 16 to fully control nearby devices:

【Basic Control】

  • Home screen
  • App switcher
  • Notification Center
  • control center
  • Siri

【Music playback control】

  • play / Pause
  • previous track
  • next track
  • Turn up the volume
  • volume down

How to use iPhone to control nearby devices 5

Using the iOS 16 system iPhone to control the function of nearby devices

In order to let everyone better understand the settings and function operations of iOS16 to control nearby devices, you can learn more about it through the actual measurement video below.

Function summary

This function is one of the hidden functions of iOS 16. Apple did not propose it at the press conference or on the website. So what are the situations in which this function is used? At present, if you want to remotely control the music being played by another iPhone or iPad, you don’t need to walk to the side of the device, you can directly control it by picking up the iPhone in your hand, and do you have any other practical functions in mind? Welcome to share with us by leaving a message.

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