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iPad mini 6 reappears strange flickering after using “Horizontal” after the “Jelly Screen” problem-ezone.hk-Technology Focus-Computer

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Apple launched a new iPad mini 6 in the autumn conference in September, coupled with the A15 Bionic chip, which attracted many users to buy. However, the issue of “Jelly Scrolling” was reported earlier, and Apple later publicly responded that the “Jelly Scrolling” should be normal. Recently, another buyer found that strange flickers appeared on the screen when using iPad mini 6 in landscape orientation. Could it be the second “disaster situation”?

  • The “Jelly Scrolling” problem has been reported on the iPad mini 6 earlier
  • Apple’s response to the “jelly screen” is a “normal phenomenon” of the LCD panel
  • Recently, some users found that when using iPad mini 6 horizontally, the screen will flicker strangely

Earlier, Apple stated that the “jelly screen” problem is a “normal phenomenon” of LCD panels, and it has no plans to introduce any solutions to “come to an end”. However, in recent online discussion forums in foreign countries, some users complained that when the iPad mini 6’s screen is used in landscape orientation, strange flickers will appear in certain locations as long as the screen is lightly touched.

It can be seen from the video taken by this user that when he turns on Dark Mode, just tap one place on the screen and a flashing circle will appear in another location, and when tapping different locations, the flashing position and time of the circle are different . Afterwards, the victim stated that he had sought technical support from Apple Genius Bar, and the technicians of Genius Bar provided the victim with another mini 6 for temporary use. However, the victim still said that both his own mini 6 or the mini 6 provided by technicians for temporary use also had the same problem.

Since then, many mini 6 buyers have also tried to see if the same problem occurs with the tablet in their hands. However, many netizens have not found the problem after testing according to the victim’s method, which proves that this problem should not widely affect all users.

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