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Ipsos, Italy is less happy than the rest of the world – Growth

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Ipsos, Italy is less happy than the rest of the world – Growth

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, MAY 27 – Less than 1 out of 2 Italians, 48 ​​percent, consider their life “fairly or very happy”, a much lower figure than the world average, which is 57 percent. Yet, only in 2020, before the pandemic, were 62 percent happy Italians: 14 points less against a more contained drop globally (from 63% to 57%). These are the results of the Global Trends survey by Ipsos presented on the occasion of the Festival of non-hostile communication “Distances – distant effects and nearby things”, conceived by Parole O_Stili and organized by SpazioUau, ongoing until tomorrow in Trieste.

The downward spiral began even before Covid with a level of happiness that fell from 73 to 48 percent in 10 years (globally from 77 to 57%). On the other hand, the youth group is a little happier: Almost 6 out of 10 say they are quite or very happy, out of a sample of over 48,000 individuals aged 16 to 75 in 50 countries, 1,000 of which in Italy; the so-called “Gen Z” are markedly happier than the older age groups. 58% of Italians under 25 declare themselves quite or very happy, an incidence that for Millennials and Generation X drops by 10 percentage points (48%) and reaches the minimum for baby boomers, only 45% feel happy. Gen Z also looks to the future with greater optimism: 48% expect their condition to improve in the next 12 months, a decidedly higher figure than Millennials (46%), Generation X (41%) and baby boomers (37%) . (HANDLE).

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