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Irritable bowel syndrome: These remedies help with irritable bowel syndrome

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Irritable bowel syndrome: These remedies help with irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel with distressing symptoms

Repeated diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, abdominal cramps – the symptoms of chronic irritable bowel syndrome can be extremely distressing. Which symptoms dominate, how often and how severe they occur, varies from person to person.

All test results for remedies for irritable bowel syndrome 01/2022

Real disease, high level of suffering

An estimated ten percent of people worldwide suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Why it occurs has not yet been conclusively researched. Bacteria seem to play a role. Studies show that some sufferers have had intestinal infections in the past.

What is certain is that irritable bowel syndrome is not a disorder, but a real illness, often with a high level of suffering. The path to diagnosis can be extremely stressful. Many patients experience a veritable medical odyssey.

13 of the 19 remedies for irritable bowel syndrome are not very suitable

The therapy is based on three pillars, which are often combined: medication, nutrition, and psychological support. Stiftung Warentest has tested 19 remedies that are supposed to help against irritable bowel symptoms overall.

Experts reviewed the studies on efficacy and risks for the study. For 13 funds, the conclusion is: not very suitable. Six preparations with the rating: suitable with restrictions are most likely to be recommended. Further studies should provide even better evidence of their effectiveness, for example on the long-term effects.

Irritable bowel agent in the test

  • Test results for Kijimea, Iberogast and Co. Our table shows reviews for 19 over-the-counter IBS remedies, including those containing bacteria, clay, guar, peppermint oil, or multi-ingredient supplements. Well-known names include Kijimea and Iberogast (prices in the test from 4.95 euros to 24.60 euros). You will learn what the six best remedies are called and what provides relief.
  • tips and background. Those affected can find tips on proper nutrition and psychological help. An expert interview provides information on possible solutions to supply problems.
  • Heft­artikel. After activation, you will receive an overview of all content as a PDF for EUR 4.90.
  • In-depth information. Our Drugs in Test database provides in-depth information on more than 9,000 drugs. With a flat rate or as a registered user, you can also read the Stiftung Warentest evaluations of more than 9,000 medicines for 132 diseases for four weeks for EUR 4.90. The drug prices in the database are always up to date and you can find out how you can save when buying drugs. We also offer information on the use of remedies for irritable bowel syndrome in children, the elderly or during pregnancy.
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Recommended remedies for individual symptoms

In addition to the currently tested remedies, there are others to choose from, including over-the-counter and prescription-only, which specifically help against individual irritable bowel symptoms. In the article we present the best inexpensive remedies for treating diarrhea, constipation and flatulence from our drug database.

Nutrition and psychological help

In addition to or as an alternative to medication, other measures can help with irritable bowel syndrome.

The right diet. Diet often plays a key role, because certain foods can irritate the intestines and trigger typical symptoms. It is worth using a food diary, for example, to find personal irritants and try to eliminate them, and to use nutritional advice.

The psychological aids. In addition, the gut and brain are closely connected via nerve tracts – which explains why the gut can sometimes be calmed from the head with targeted psychological help.

The best treatment

Those affected often have to try things out in order to find the best individual treatment from the building blocks of medication, nutrition and psychological help. But it’s worth the effort. Many learn to live with their ailments and to reduce them. For some, they regress entirely.

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