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Is milk bad for you? 3 reasons to never drink it again

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Is milk bad for you?  3 reasons to never drink it again
Is milk really bad? Many say enough | Novanews.it

Whole milk appears to be bad for your health. Let’s find out together the reasons not to drink it anymore.

Milk is a food produced by the mammary glands of each mammal. Perhaps not many know that milk is nothing more than a compound of oil, water and lipids combined in a chemical process that gives life to the well-known white color of the liquid.

The liquid is clearly produced by the mammalian femalesboth humans and animals. The difference is that humans also consume animal milkwhile the reverse is not the case. However, there is a slice of human beings who consciously decide to stop using them: the vegan people.

In fact, the vegan diet is similar to the vegetarian one, but with one glaring difference: in addition to not eating meat or fish-based dishes, vegans don’t even enjoy all those foods of animal origin. Therefore, the egg eh dairy products. Therefore, animal milk stands out among these.

In recent years, thanks to advances in research, more and more cases of lactose intolerance. This element affects trade, which therefore offers a type of vegetable milk which is consumed more and more frequently. Some recent research may prove that the animal milk is harmful.

The 3 reasons to say no to animal milk

Animal milk actually presents some critical issues. Indeed there are 3 reasons on the basis of which it would be advisable according to some not to drink it anymore. First of all, milk is not a food that is really necessary for human needs; secondly, humans are the only mammals to consume a lot of it despite any adulthood, which many consider quite abnormal. Lastly, milk is not digestible by everyone and could lead to various intolerances.

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There are some though alternative selected directly from the vegan diet: the soya milkthe milk of ricethe milk of coconut is that of almond.

Vegetable substitutes for animal milk | Novanews.it

But is milk really bad?

Opinions emerge that would undermine what has just been written. The human being is indeed the only animal to still feed on milk, but he is also the only one to perform incredible featscome build palaces and travel for pleasure or even cook a delicious dish that the body would not really need.

Milk has beneficial properties: hydrates, contains water and is rich in protein healthy. It is true that many patrons of milk place the emphasis not so much on the well-being of their body, but on ethical awareness which implies the renunciation of animal milk. The best solution? Consult your own nutritionist of trust.

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