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is the protection from illness and hospitalization real and lasting?

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Vaccination for Covid 19 is certainly a powerful weapon at our disposal to fight the pandemic, but only if used together with other hygiene and public health measures. As for example we know that it is almost certainly “punctured” by some variants of Covid-19. Especially in incomplete vaccinations and certainly does not protect against infections or prevent the possibility of being carriers and infecting others. Although for months the vulgate of vaccination has been widely spread as a panacea also from contagion and infection.

Report after 8 months of vaccinations

However, already now a few months after the opening of the mass vaccination campaign in Italy, we can definitely say that the 4 vaccines in addition to not covering the risk of reinfection and infecting others at all, they seem gradually less effective also towards the “Serious Covid 19 disease” which was actually their strength and their primary target.

In fact, despite the fact that there is a wide spread of Covid 19 infections and that unfortunately hospital admissions and even deaths and despite the government media mainstream (truly ubiquitous and omnipresent) is waving in every way to deliver the message that reinfection with serious illness is only the prerogative of the unvaccinated, also thanks to the disturbing news from Israel, the US and the UK, unfortunately we also see in Italy that current hospitalizations among vaccinated people even with serious illness are not exactly so rare as they wanted us to believe. On the contrary.

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Severe hospitalizations even if vaccinated

Well yes. The vaccine appears to have both limits of intrinsic efficacy, that is, it would seem to cover less than the percentages announced in each location by the government and Big Pharma. But unfortunately also of permanence of immunity in the complete vaccine. This disturbing clinical data, it could be related to the fact, that unlike natural immunity who acquire those who have genuinely taken the disease and who have recovered from it with the development of high antibody titers, those vaccinated with the blessed SPIKE protein, they also seem to be at risk of developing the dreaded serious disease, bilateral interstitial pneumonia.

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With severe impairment of respiratory exchanges and even the need for mechanical ventilatory assistance (sporadic but not rare cases and also among health workers unfortunately).

It is not possible to find, even with in-depth research, numbers and raw clinical data disaggregated by Region and Hospital on the extent of the phenomenon (worrying). Our information of citizens who pay the fee for the public service it is totally in the hands of the public and private mainstream (unfortunately I am equal). Information that is often monotonous, one-way, does not allow dialogue between opposing voices and provides a State Information rather than truly free and public information. So it is potentially misleading.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated, who risks more?

The clinical problem is very serious, because the voices that come to us professionally say this. And even in some age groups (over 80 years old) the feared overrun of hospitalizations among vaccinated versus unvaccinated has already occurred. Which leaves us very, very perplexed about the real effectiveness of vaccination.

The Government, with a large slice of millions and millions of citizens undecided and perplexed if not reluctant to get vaccinated, instead pushes to further widen the wedge between Serie A citizens, that is, with the Green Card (the double vaccinated) to which he proposes even the third dose of vaccine (and why not the fourth and fifth?) and the remaining citizens evidently reprobate and of Serie B (not vaccinated and therefore without the Green Card). Vice versa, who are perplexed by these results and by the rumors and data of the heavy side effects of vaccines (widely underestimated by official pharmacovigilance) are precluded from even the most basic elements of constitutional law.

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The paradoxical risk

And vice versa, they are increasingly at risk of receiving the heavily negative effects of risky and reckless behavior from “Free lair all” of holders of Green Card, who very often feel obliged to no longer adopt the elementary measures of hygiene and public health to contain the epidemic still active (masks, hand hygiene, various gatherings, trains, ships, cruises, rave parties, European football finals, absence of isolation and distance).

It is a pity, however, that from a fiscal and fiscal point of view i Serie A and Serie B citizens equal they are, that is, they contribute equally to the budget of the state collectivity. And, however, with a clear inequality of resources and rights made available to them: this is unacceptable.

The situation is increasingly tense and serious, because October is approaching with great strides and with it the first cold. The loss of the beneficial summer effect of living in the open air (wind, sunlight, UVA radiation) with the consequent closing up in closed environments with no or almost no ventilation. Clinical comparison data between August 2020 and 2021 are merciless by demonstrating that the “free everyone” from the Green Card of 2021 associated with the mass vaccination campaign was certainly less effective in containing infections, hospitalizations and deaths than the strict and severe isolation of over two months in 2021 (which had almost completely extinguished the epidemic).

The Government’s strategic and health errors

My personal opinion is that the Government from a health point of view in the Covid-19 epidemic is doing a continuous series of mistakes and errors, above all ideological. And the advent of the new expensive anti Covid drugs (monoclonal antibodies), nor the new types of salivary molecular swabs, will probably not save him either.

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The “Taliban” government continues to make mistakes, not promoting properly for example the early home therapies of Covid 19, which are likely to have a sure beneficial effect on the disease by breaking the link that unites it to the cytokine storm. Why this obstinacy? Also in light of the laughable cost of these drugs compared to monoclonals, for example.

In conclusion, perhaps it would be the case that there was a serious and radical change within the government team that leads the Ministry of Health (all, including the staff and the most interested General Directorates) by resorting to professionalism more in line with the historical interpretations and declarations of the preventive medicine of pandemics, as well as textbooks of Hygiene and Public Health of the Degree Course of Medicine and Surgery. I think it would also suit the country, its citizens as well as Premier Draghi’s political career.

Dr. Francesco Russo, Doctor-Surgeon, Confirmed Researcher – Department of Surgical Sciences

University of Rome Tor Vergata

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