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Island of the famous, drama for the former shipwrecked Fariba Tehrani: he is ill

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Fariba Tehrani, a popular former castaway, is experiencing significant health problems. What is worrying is that doctors don’t know what he has.

Fariba Tehrani (Instagram)

An odyssey for a former castaway should be daily bread: but with health you cannot and must not joke. Fariba Tehrani, mother of Giulia Salemi and competitor of the fifteenth edition of the Island of the Famous, continues to experience health problems that doctors struggle to solve and even to motivate.

Pain in the abdomen and intestines, feverish temperature, widespread and increasingly excruciating malaise. Fariba continues to feel unwell. There is to worry? His last visit to the hospital did not improve or clarify the situation.

Fariba Tehrani, the mystery about the health of the former shipwrecked

The clinical examinations and investigations which Fariba underwent at the Piacenza public hospital did not give the desired results. It was not possible to identify the root of the problem, and therefore to understand how to act so that the former competitor of the island reality reality can recover.

Tehrani, in fact, has been experiencing these persistent problems for some time now. The Island had not particularly benefited her health, and since his return he had begun pain-relieving therapy due to two cracked ribs.

Last month she had already undergone other tests, always inconclusive. “They told me that I don’t know what I have, they didn’t even do the ultrasound, you don’t understand what’s wrong with my stomach “, she commented disconsolately and legitimately worried. The influencer then complained, among other things, of the excessive costs of public health.

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Failure to diagnose, however, did not compromise the temper of the 59-year-old: “a strong woman”, as she herself pointed out to fans on social media, who will manage to get away with no serious consequences even in this case. Now all that remains is to turn to a specialist and undergo even more in-depth examinations.

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