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Isola dei Famosi, former castaway has health problems | The announcement that worries fans

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The Island of the Famous was the turning point of his life. It gave him great love and further increased the number of fans in tow. Now the former castaway has announced that he has health problems that do not leave all those who follow him calm. Who is this former castaway and what does he suffer from?


When you become a public figure it seems you have a duty to make everything public. A love, a mourning, an illness. This is what happened to a famous reality TV personality and, at the same time, the gossip column. At a time when health is doing a bit of a tantrum, here is communication via social.

Being famous also entails these duties towards the many fans, who, however, are not calm after the message of the former castaway. They await new news, but patience and, above all, respect will be needed. But who is hiding behind the image of a former castaway?

The Island of the Famous, a former castaway alarms fans

His debut a The Island of the Famous dates back to 2021 and entered the reality show after a month and a half from the beginning. The Island of the Famous is the second reality show in which he participated. Its first appearance was in fact al Big Brother Vip of 2017. A very popular edition also thanks to its love story that saw the light inside the House.

His history with Cecilia Rodriguez did a lot of talk as in that period the girl was related to Francesco Mountain. The two, however, once the reality show ended, they decided to continue their life together. A relationship that still travels at full speed today. Cecilia Rodriguez has won the heart of the former castaway Ignazio Moser.

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It is he who has alarmed all the fans with his post. Let’s see what he said.

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The disturbing post

The communication via social by Ignazio Moser has left everyone stunned and dismayed. Those words are certainly not very reassuring. It will be necessary to wait for the results of the exams to which the son of the former great cycling champion, Francesco Moser, will undergo, certainly also anxious about Ignazio’s health conditions.

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“Unfortunately I have children health problems that have been bothering me for several days now… I’m trying to understand what it is and how to cure myself… I hope it’s nothing to worry about “. Now the only thing to do is to respect Ignazio Moser’s privacy, hoping that good news will arrive as soon as possible.

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