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Israel – Hamas at war, today’s news | Duilio ship shoots down a Houthi drone in the Red Sea. Israeli raid east of Rafah: 12 dead

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Israel – Hamas at war, today’s news |  Duilio ship shoots down a Houthi drone in the Red Sea.  Israeli raid east of Rafah: 12 dead

• It is the 147th day of the war: over 30 thousand people killed in Gaza and 71,533 wounded since 7 October.
• Duilio ship shoots down a drone in the Red Sea. Crosetto: «Houthis violate international law».
• The US launches emergency humanitarian aid in Gaza.
• Protests against Netanyahu in various Israeli locations.

03.51 am – Media, Gaza: 12 dead in Israeli raid east of Rafah

The Palestinian news agency Wafa says at least 12 people including six children died in an Israeli shelling that hit a house east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip last night. There were also dozens of injured and several missing.

A three-storey residential building in the Al-Salam neighborhood was reportedly bombed. Victims are also reported in the Jabalia refugee camp, north of the city of Gaza. In the last few hours, violent bombings have been recorded in the Khan Yunis area, in the south of the Palestinian enclave. The death toll in the Gaza Strip since October 7 is at least 30,330 dead and 71,550 injured, according to the Hamas-run Palestinian Ministry of Health.

03.29 am – Biden: «The aid arriving in Gaza is not enough»

“The amount of aid arriving in Gaza is nowhere near enough and we will continue to make every possible effort to increase it.” Joe Biden wrote it in a post on X.

02.58 am – Humanitarian aid drops on Gaza today from three countries

The drops of humanitarian aid on the Gaza Strip took place yesterday in three distinct phases: Egyptian planes conducted them in the morning, American planes in the afternoon and then Jordanian planes. This was reported by military radio, according to which flights here “are coordinated up to the minute with the Israeli Air Force”. The broadcaster reported that in the past few days United Arab Emirates and French planes also carried out similar launches. This growing air traffic “makes the operations of the Israeli air force in Gaza more complex”. Today’s intervention by the US air force, the radio added in a comment, “represents a clear sign of Washington’s dissatisfaction” with Israel for the serious humanitarian situation in Gaza.

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02.11 am – Crosetto: «Houthis violate international law»

«The terrorist attacks by the Houthis are a serious violation of international law and an attack on the safety of maritime traffic on which our economy depends. These attacks are part of a hybrid war, which uses every possibility, not just military, to damage some countries and help others.” Thus the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, on the attack on Nave Duilio in the Red Sea.

01.40 am – The Italian ship Duilio shoots down a drone in the Red Sea

Yesterday afternoon, implementing the self-defense principle, Nave Duilio shot down a drone in the Red Sea. The drone, with similar characteristics to those already used in previous attacks, was about 6 kilometers from the Italian ship, flying in its direction. The Defense announced this.

01.08 am – Protests against Netanyahu in various Israeli locations last night

»Last night in Israel, protests were organized in various locations across the country against the far-right government led by Benjamin Netanyahu and to demand early elections. The main protests will be held in Tel Aviv, Haifa and in Caesarea, near Netanyahu’s private residence. The demonstrations come as there is agitation in the executive after Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced that he does not intend to present to the Knesset the controversial law on compulsory military service, which exempts yeshivah students from military service, without the agreement of all coalition parties.

00.28 am – eloni: work on the G7 statement for de-escalation

Regarding the situation of the crisis in the Middle East «the dialogue must continue and also the humanitarian assistance that Italy is not lacking. There is a very important diplomatic effort, on the part of the USA but not only. I am considering making a G7 statement hoping that it can help de-escalation”. Thus said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, answering reporters’ questions in Toronto.

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