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Israel, “mass grave at Khan Younis hospital: 180 bodies”

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Israel, “mass grave at Khan Younis hospital: 180 bodies”

The Palestinian civil protection claims to have recovered 180 bodies From one mass grave inside theNasser hospital a Khan Younis, in Gaza, two weeks after the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the area. He brings it back Al Jazeera. It’s the latest mystery in another hectic day in Palestine. There are still around 2,000 missing in the area, a spokesperson for the enclave’s civil protection told EFE.

The Israeli army withdrew from Khan Yunis in the early hours of April 7, after four months of fighting and bombing. The two main hospitals in the area, Amal and Nasser, were razed to the ground and are completely inactive after suffering a siege by Israeli troops, who attacked both centers on the suspicion that they were hiding militiamen from Hamas and Islamic Jihad. According to Hamas, the discovery of the mass grave at the Naser hospital “reaffirms the extent of the crimes and atrocities committed by the Zionist occupation army”. The episode recalls what happened at the hospital Al Shifa, the most important and located in the north of the enclave, completely out of service after a two-week Israeli siege at the end of March. After Israeli troops left the hospital on April 1, Gaza authorities discovered a mass grave with a dozen buried bodies, including patients, women and the elderly. In total, over the next few days, around 400 bodies were recovered in and around the hospital.

Meanwhile, Israel strongly rejects the possibility of US sanctions on the IDF Battalion for “human rights violations” in the West Bank.Netzach Yehuda‘. He first Benjamin Netanyahuand also the minister Benny Gantz they called the accusations the “height of absurdity”, evoking an opposition “with all means” at the government’s disposal. If at the moment calm has returned to the front Iran, the raids on Gaza and the military operations in the West Bank continue as Israel prepares to celebrate the Jewish Passover which begins tomorrow evening and which sees security measures strengthened throughout Israel, including Jerusalem. Authorities in the Gaza Strip report 22 deaths, including 18 minors, in an Israeli attack on Rafahwhile the Palestinian agency He died spoke of 14 deaths near Tulkarem in clashes between armed men and the army. “In the next days we will increase military pressure and politics on Hamas because this is the only way to free our hostages and achieve victory,” Netanyahu announces in a pre-Easter video message shared online.

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