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It is a record for digitization in the public administration

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The pandemic effect was very strong on the public administration: in 2021 the numbers of digitization reached their all-time highs. We are talking about something like 27.4 million activated Spid identities and almost 26 million electronic identity cards issued. A true record. Not only that: the number of people using digital identity to access public and private online services is growing. With Spid alone, the accesses in the last year were 570 million, 22 million are the authentications with Cie, a significant increase compared to 2020.

Also important is the growth of the App Io, downloaded 24.5 million times, with 1 million monthly downloads and more than 6 million users on average. Today 77 thousand new services are available on the application, 98% of the total provided by the Municipalities. The increase in electronic payments through the pagoPa platform also continues. In December alone, the country recorded record transactions with 22.5 million successful transactions, for a value of 4.3 billion euros. The transactions were carried out by over 10 million users, including half a million businesses. As for the Bodies, 99.4% of the Italian Municipalities promote the payment of their services through pagoPa.

Finally, in the year that saw the debut of the first digital registry certificates, Italy registered 7,902 municipalities in the National Registry of the Resident Population. From digital identity to online payments and the Io App, here are all the numbers for 2021.


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