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Italian Tech sends me the right to make electronic payments

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It is a right of citizens and businesses pay electronically – through the pagoPA platform – duties, taxes, utilities, fees, membership fees, stamps and any other type of sum due to public administrations central and local, but also to other subjects (such as publicly owned companies, schools, universities, ASLs, publicly controlled companies and private managers of public services).

Thanks to pagoPA payments can be made directly on the website or on the app of the institution (the municipality, for example) or through the channels (online and physical) of banks and others PSP such as bank agencies, home banking systems, electronic payment apps or post offices.

For this reason, all payment notices issued by administrations and public service operators must indicate all the information necessary to be able to pay electronically in a simple way, also through a QR code.

The advantage is to be able to use a simple, standardized and reliable payment systeme.

Against which subjects can the right be exercised?

  • Public administrations (e.g. municipalities, provinces, regions, ministries, local health authorities, schools, universities, professional associations, port system authorities, independent administrative authorities)
  • Public service operators (e.g. companies that manage local public transport, postal service provider)
  • Publicly controlled companies (e.g. municipal companies)

What can be done thanks to online applications and digital home?

  • Make any type of payment to public administrations and public service managers

To know more:

The standard

The instruments

If you have any questions or want to report a case of denied digital rights, write to [email protected] or send a whatsapp message to 393472794359.


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