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Italian Tech, the right to digital identity, sent me

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There are two digital identity solutions in Italy: the Public digital identity system (SPID) and the Electronic Identity Card (CIE). These are tools that allow citizens to access those public online services for which the use of login credentials is required.

You can use digital identity at any time and with any device: computer, smartphone and tablet. This way you no longer need to remember many different passwords.

Thanks to SPID and CIE, for example, you can request the social security file or calculate the pension, enroll in a public competition or enroll their children in school. You can download the COVID-19 green certification, make payments, download a certificate or consult your personal information on the national registry site, book a visit or take advantage of other national and local services. Finally, access the public services of the member states of the European Union and private adherents, such as e-commerce services.

Access is possible whenever, on a site or a service app the button “Enter with SPID” or alternatively “Enter with CIE” is present. With both digital identities it is possible to send requests and declarations with full legal value, as if they were digitally signed. In fact, both SPID and CIE can be used to electronically sign deeds and documents even if you do not have a digital signature.

What is SPID and how is it obtained

SPID is made up of a pair of strictly personal credentials (username and password). Access to services is safe and secure, also thanks to further security checks, such as sending a temporary password (the so-called OTP – one time password) in authentication phase.

To request SPID you must be of age and in possession of a valid Italian identity document. It is activated by contacting one of the identity managers recognized by theAgency for Digital Italy (AgID) or as an alternative to public offices that support citizens in activating SPID or by verifying the personal identity of citizens at their offices or through agreements with identity managers.

The ways to activate it are:

  • in person at the offices of digital identity managers (identity providers), such as post offices, or public administrations that allow identity recognition;
  • via webcam with an operator made available by the provider or with an audio-video selfie together with the payment of a bank transfer;
  • with an electronic identity card or an electronic passport, identifying through the app of the managers downloadable from the stores,
  • from the provider sites with the electronic identity card, the national service card or the digital signature, also with the help of a reader (for example the smart card) and the relative pin.

Once obtained, the use of SPID to access online services is free.

What is the CIE and how is it obtained

The Electronic Identity Card is one of the Italian personal identification documents, together with the driving license and passport. All municipalities and consular offices in Europe issue the CIE to citizens. The document contains an electronic device (NFC chip, contactless) which guarantees high levels of security and drastically reduces counterfeiting.

It can be requested from your municipality of residence, the municipality of residence for citizens residing in Italy, the consulate for residents abroad. To obtain the card, you must have your passport photo, in paper or electronic format. If the municipality has enabled the online booking service “Agenda CIE” of the Ministry of the Interior, the photo can be taken using this service. To speed up registration, a tax code card or health card may also be needed (no other documents need to be presented).

To use the CIE as a digital identity to access online services, you must have the 8-digit PIN held by the citizens once the document has been obtained.

Access to services with CIE can take place:

  • through a computer connected to a contactless smart card reader enabled to read the CIE;
  • with a smartphone equipped with an NFC interface for reading the CIE;
  • from a computer, using a smartphone equipped with an NFC interface to read the CIE.

The government is working on a new delegation management system thanks to which it will be possible to grant a delegation to a person in possession of a digital identity (the Public Digital Identity System, SPID or the electronic identity card, CIE) for access to online public services. The solution will allow easier access to PA digital services even for those unfamiliar with new technologies.


  • Italian and European public administrations (e.g. municipalities, provinces, regions, ministries, local health authorities, schools, universities, professional associations, port system authorities, independent administrative authorities)
  • public service operators (e.g. companies that manage local public transport, postal service provider)
  • publicly controlled companies (e.g. municipal companies)


  • access online services
  • consult all the documents associated with your personal data
  • send requests and declarations with full legal value
  • sign documents


The standard

Articles 3-bis, 20, 64 and 65 of the Digital Administration Code

The instruments

Digital identity


The list of PAs to get SPID
Get Spid – List of identity providers
List of services available with Spid


Get the CIE
Log in with CIE
The company con CIE

If you have any questions or want to report a case of denied digital rights, write to [email protected] or send a whatsapp message to 393472794359.


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