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Italian universities compete for Fifa 22. Scholarships worth € 5,000 are up for grabs

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Italian universities compete for Fifa 22. Scholarships worth € 5,000 are up for grabs

The University Master is back, the Italian competition between universities that is giving away scholarships for the winning students. The event is organized by 2Watchstartup in the gaming and esports sector e The Gazzetta dello Sport.

Registration will be open from April 15th, and competitions will start on May 3rd. The final will take place on 8 June, with the special live participation of the sports commentator Pierluigi Pardo and the connection of the champion of the Italian national team Giorgio Chiellini. The whole event is sponsored by Eurospin and Lemonsoda Energy Activator.

The initiative has received the support of various universities throughout the country: Federico II, Parthenope, Roma 3, University of Turin, University of Trento, Unisannio, RafflesMilano and San Raffaele of Milan. This year the University Master, with the support of University Box, opens its doors also to university students not enrolled in partner universities, offering two open qualification rounds to which all users with a university matriculation can register. To participate you need to visit the website www.2w.gg and access the appropriate section.


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The tournament

The competition includes a tight calendar dedicated to the qualifying rounds and the university semifinals that will be held on FIFA 22. The competition will be played on consoles PS4 or on PS5 with old gen gamein FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

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Subscribers will compete in direct elimination qualifiers that will give access to the final stages of their faculty or to the final open stages. The winners of the university finals will compete live in the Tournament of Champions to win the scholarships of 5000 euros, in a double elimination bracket tournament (winner and loser bracket). This edition will also reward the academic merit of students by offering the most deserving a bonus in the final phase.

Lo show

All the qualifying rounds, the semifinals and the final live will be broadcast in live streaming on the official 2WatchTv competition channel and on the gazzetta.it website.

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The commentary of the qualifying rounds is entrusted to FIFA experts Tommaso Oppini aka Don Oppini and Lorenzo Giannotta aka NoWeakFut; the commentary of the semifinals will be conducted by the proplayer Matteo Ribera aka Riberaribel. During the competition period it will air Area Studiothe in-depth program conducted by the radio announcer Bryan Ronzani and by the journalist of Gazzetta, Giulio di Feo.

The live final

On June 8, the finalists of each University and of the open tournament will compete live in the Tournament of Champions, which will decide the overall winners and those entitled to scholarships.

The commentary of the Tournament of Champions is entrusted to the sports journalist, as well as the Italian voice of the FIFA 22 game, Pierluigi Pardo and to the coach of the Italian export team Nello Nigro aka Hollywood285. The event will see the extraordinary participation of Giorgio Chiellini who will congratulate the winner live.

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The organizers

“In the last 9 months we have done a huge job – he says Fabrizio Perrone, ceodi 2Watch – to give the event the breath it deserved after last year’s success. This edition of the University Master is co-produced with the main national sports media and sees the participation of personalities of the caliber of Pierluigi Pardo and our partner Giorgio Chiellini. What more could we want in just 12 months? Gaming is a very powerful edutainment tool and will guide future generations on the Web3. 2Watch invests heavily in this perspective and we do not exclude that next year the University Master may take place in the Metaverse “.

The analysis

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“The University Master is an event that is part of the further digital development of the strategy of – says Gianluca Varano, New Business & Digital Development Director of . Sport, especially in the current context, manifests itself in new forms even outside the traditional contexts, and precisely the eSports represent an area that Gazzetta, as the first national sports newspaper, wants to preside over. After the recent launch of a rich eSports and Gaming themed editorial section, which is growing very rapidly, we considered it essential to protect this world through a project that could personally engage our users and readers. Attention to new generations and new trends led us to choose 2Watch as a partner and to develop an entertainment format that speaks to the youngest. FIFA is the ideal title to start this collaborationallowing us to start the presidency of events connected to the eSports world from a title closely linked to the football world “.

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