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Italy and France organize a challenge between 16 startups

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It was ICE Agenzia and Business France, Agencies for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of companies, that selected 8 candidates from each delegation to participate in the Arena Italia on the occasion of CES 2022. At CES 2022, Italy brings together a selection of startups representing the brightest minds in the world of business, research and education to respond – through commercially sustainable products and services – to some of the greatest challenges humanity faces today in the field of green technologies and for Health.

For the pitch on healthcare, on stage Light Science’s portable scanner, optimized for fast and reliable mass scanning, will be accompanied by M2Test to help diagnose osteoporosis; Fifth Ingenium develops tailor-made solutions for digital transformation in healthcare, Industry 4.0, Education and training. Bionit Labs is “transforming disabilities into opportunities” in the field of human-machine integration, while Innova has developed a system that reduces rehabilitation times after neurological damage.

Italy is the second largest market for green investments in Europe, with almost 40% of the manufacturing industry having implemented green technologies. On stage for the pitch: Domethics offers end-to-end solutions in the IoT market, while Sensosan has developed an AI-based system that optimizes the sanitation of environments, and Hexagro works with Latin American partners to provide urban-vertical agriculture technologies to cities .


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