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Italy is last in Europe for the level of mental well-being

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Several factors weigh on this gap, but the most relevant is the gender disparity perceived in daily life: over 40% of women have seen their abilities questioned due to gender, 1 out of 3 has received unwanted comments on own kind. Mental discomfort is inversely proportional to age and young people are most at risk. Uncertainty about the future, loneliness and body image weigh heavily, but also a greater sensitivity to the issue of climate change. Furthermore, for 38% of young people, technology and social media have a negative impact on their mental well-being. Of these, only 1 in 12 young people report a state of full mental well-being.

The picture also reflects on the perception of well-being in the workplace. In fact, the survey also investigates the link between general mental well-being and well-being perceived in the workplace understood as the ability to feel “in flow”: concentrated, productive and focused on professional goals. Only 15% of the sample declares a highly productive state of mind. The better the mental state, the less the intention to change jobs, 75% of the sample think so, while as far as work patterns are concerned, globally, hybrid work is considered the best in terms of mental well-being, although many Italians prefer working from home (23%).

In contrast to last year, in a positive key, the stigma on the subject is decreasing and the propensity to take care of one’s mental health is growing. Over 60% of Italians turn to doctors and specialists for the diagnosis of mental illness, a figure in contrast with last year, where Italy was the first European country in the ranking for the number of people who had chosen the path of self-diagnosis . There is also an openness, in the form of support, to the use of digital tools, welcomed positively by 31% of the interviewees. In the workplace, the effect of the mental health support initiatives offered by the company on well-being and being “in flow” is increasingly evident.

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«Something is changing on the subject of mental health, even if this year’s survey still reveals a difficult picture for our country. It decreases stigma and raises awareness of the importance of taking care of your mental well-being. It is an important signal, which pushes us further, in a logic of cooperation with all the players in the ecosystem, to promote a culture of prevention and health at 360°. In Axa Italia we are strongly convinced that well-being is one of the most important values ​​in which to invest, both in terms of the offer of services for our people and customers, and through concrete initiatives for society as a whole» declared Giacomo Gigantiello, CEO of the Axa Italia insurance group.

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