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Italy Takes the Lead in Providing Medical Support for Wounded in Ukraine

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Italy Takes the Lead in Providing Medical Support for Wounded in Ukraine

Italy Sends Medical Experts to Ukraine for Wounded Care

Rome, 3 August 2023 – Italy is embarking on a mission to provide medical aid and expertise in prosthetics and rehabilitation for the wounded in Ukraine. The initiative aims to treat military personnel and civilians on-site or transfer them to Italy, allowing doctors to address the most complex cases in six excellent healthcare facilities involved in the project. The Ministry of Health is coordinating the task force, which includes renowned names from various regions of Italy such as the Inail Prosthetic Center, Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute in Bologna, Baby Jesus pediatric hospital, Saint Lucia Foundation in Rome, and the Italian Red Cross.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni first announced this mission in February during her visit to Kiev. Now, the plan is ready to take off, with an inspection in Lviv by the Italian delegation led by the Ministry of Health. On Friday, 4 August, Health Minister Horace Schillaci will engage in a video conference with his Ukrainian counterpart to discuss the forms of assistance that Italy can provide in the field of healthcare. The possibility of signing a cooperation agreement between the two ministries in the near future is not excluded.

Italy’s commitment involves supporting the Superhumans and Unbroken centers, as well as other facilities dedicated to treating the military and civilian casualties of the war in Ukraine. Through a partnership between Italian hospitals of excellence, including those in Rome and Bologna, Italy will contribute in the areas of prosthetics and rehabilitation. The delegation, composed of representatives from the Ministry, Inail, and the Italian Red Cross, is currently in Lviv conducting visits to the Superhumans, Unbroken, and Galychyna centers.

The project focuses on providing medical assistance on-site and through the transfer of complex cases to Italian hospitals. It also aims to train Ukrainian medical staff and enhance infrastructure and technological capabilities to establish centers of excellence in Ukraine, modeled after the Italian ones. The expertise of Italian doctors will be leveraged to provide concrete support to vulnerable groups, such as children, women, and families. As part of Italy’s commitment, Lombardy has allocated 500,000 euros for the Ukrainian emergency through a council resolution.

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The Italian delegation currently visiting Lviv aims to make the health project, formulated by experts summoned by Minister Schillaci, operational. Representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Embassy in Kiev, and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (Aics) accompany the delegation during their stay in Ukraine. Furthermore, the delegation will meet with the governor of the Lviv region, representatives from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, directors, doctors, and patients of the involved healthcare facilities. This project is a testament to Italy’s strong commitment to the reconstruction efforts in Ukraine following President Meloni’s visit in February 2023.

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