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“It’s a bad time for me”

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“It’s a bad time for me”

Ida Platano updates fans on her health condition after alarming fans with a shot posted in the hospital.

A week ago Ida Platano posted a story that portrayed her in hospital. The lady had long since disappeared from social networks and this had caused the fans to worry a lot since she is usually very active. Ida not only shows some moments of her life on her Instagram account of her, but thanks to her great popularity she is also super requested by some brands with which she collaborates. Her absence had therefore made her followers very worried that they were even more alarmed when the woman returned posting a story in which she was most likely in the hospital while she was attached to an IV. From that moment there has been no more news of the lady but today she returned to explain how she really is.

Ida Platano sheds light on her health condition. Here are the latest statements

The woman after having shown herself in a hospital then returned to social media more smiling than ever. She also spent August 15th with a dear friend of hers, Gemma Galgani. Everyone then assumed that she had finally recovered but the baddest of the web began to circulate rumors that Ida would have staged an illness to draw attention to herself. Platano is not there and she responds to the serious accusations that have been made against her. She explains that on social media she shows both the good and the bad moments, that’s why she posted that shot. She then goes on to say that she would have no reason to lie and act ill. On health, she reiterates, she doesn’t mess around!

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Ida then continued explaining that being back on social media showing herself to the sea and in the sweet company of her friend Gemma does not mean that she has solved all her problems. In fact, the woman shows a lot of paperwork that suggests that although she has returned to her daily life, Ida still has to carry out investigations and further investigations to understand what is happening to her. She doesn’t think it is necessary to specify what exactly happened but she lashes out hard against the gossip pages that they believed it was all staged. To report the articles of her were her fans who, in addition to showing Ida the wickedness that were running around her, wished her a speedy recovery by flooding her with messages.

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