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It’s amazing how this pink-colored plant helps with breast cancer

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Cancer is one of the most widespread diseases in the world and above all one of the most frightening. Nobody would want to be interested in it and therefore medical research could make a great contribution to eradicating the disease. Now it’s amazing how this pink colored plant helps with breast cancer.

The pink cyclamen

It is a beautiful pink or purple flower that has always enhanced the corners of houses or embellished the garden. In traditional folk medicine practices it is used as an antibacterial and very useful for those suffering from sinusitis.

In ancient times special powers were also attributed to cyclamen. Where it grew, it was thought that those places were protected from evil. It was also used against the bite of poisonous snakes. All distant traditions but which show how cyclamen has always been appreciated almost everywhere.

It’s amazing how this pink-colored plant helps with breast cancer

But this year cyclamen is the king of the fight against breast cancer. It was chosen as the symbolic and purchasable flower in order to fund research against this terrible disease.

By buying a plant we will have the possibility of obtaining two advantages. Bring home some beautiful pink cyclamen, which will protect us from bad luck and curses. At the same time, we can help fight cancer and save lives.

The initiative is called Il Ciclamino AIRC, and serves to finance the Italian Association for Cancer Research. The way is simple: for each purchase of the cyclamen plant, 1 euro will go to the AIRC. With the money raised last year from the sale of the seedlings, it was possible to finance the full 4-year training of a researcher in this field.

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Where to buy cyclamen

The beautiful flowers can be purchased in the different shops participating in the initiative. Among these the many Garden Centers of the Italian Gardening Centers Association, from 18 September to 17 October. Furthermore, throughout the month of October it is possible to help research with many other initiatives available on the AIRC website.

Breast cancer

This type of cancer is one of the most common in women, as is that of the prostate in men. Today, efforts are being made mainly through prevention to fight against this disease. Control campaigns are promoted for women, aimed at stemming the spread and stopping the disease at its birth.

Certainly a fight that deserves a small contribution from everyone.

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