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It’s called Disney Melee Mania and it’s the Apple game that aims at mobile esports

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Apple announced the arrival of Disney Melee Mania, a video game that will be added to the over 200 titles on Apple Arcade.

Disney Melee Mania it is an interesting project because it aims to enter a genre, that of 3-on-3 fights in real time, usually dominated by games that take advantage of microtransactions and the push to buy from people, but being on Arcade will not be able to do any of this. Therefore, the developers will have to manage the player’s progression in a balanced way to keep him always interested, which in titles with microtransazioni usually obtained by progressively unlocking skins and characters, or paying for them

As you can easily guess, Disney Melee Mania will leverage Disney’s own catalog of characters, such as baby mouse, Elsa, Buzz Lightyear, Wreck-It Ralph and so on in a game in which the tactical component and coordination between players will be essential to win over the opposing team, deploying characters with area attacks, heals and skills that can hinder or slow the opponent.

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When the game is released, there will be 12 characters available, each with a different set of moves and a different play style. The matches will be fast, a maximum of 5 minutes, during which players will have to accumulate as many points as possible by controlling certain areas or eliminating opponents. Whoever wins can gradually unlock new skills with which to excel on the battlefield.

Given the similarity with Clash Royale, a game that has enjoyed and still enjoys a decent competitive scene in recent years, it is legitimate to wonder if by any chance Disney has these ambitions, but for now the developers have stated that they are focused on the latest details and on keeping the game fun and balanced for all. However there is undoubtedly a thought to esports, but it will all depend on the response of the public.

At the moment there is not much other information, but it is evident that the various characters will exploit the characteristics shown in the animated films, veered to combat: Ralph will be able to hit opponents hand-to-hand and will have less skill from afar, Elsa will be able to freeze his opponents, Frozone it will be particularly fast in its movements and so on.

“We are thrilled to partner with Disney to bring these beloved characters to Disney and Pixar’s first battle arena game, available exclusively on Apple Arcade – said Simon Davis, CEO of Mighty Bear Games – Fans will challenge Disney characters and Pixar arcade-style in a fun and frenetic fight to survive the chaos and stay in the limelight ”.


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