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it’s official, AIFA explains the disturbing reason

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it’s official, AIFA explains the disturbing reason

The measure was triggered following checks and the antibiotic was withdrawn from pharmacies, here is the type and lots.

We are faced with a famous new drug that has been withdrawn from the shelves. After those of the Pfizer against Accupril pressurethe one for the heart Atenolol-Mepha and the antibiotic Ronaxan we are facing the withdrawal of a known antibiotic. Ecco what the official AIFA press release says.

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During a routine inspection, the inspectors found quality problems of a well-known drug used for severe infections. They then ordered the withdrawal from pharmacies for the protection of public health. We are talking about Tobramycinan antibiotic widely used.

The antibiotic withdrawn due to quality problems, what is Tobramycin

Tobramycin is a drug that serves cure multiple infections even serious. The prescription is made by the doctor in case of urinary, bone, lung infections, but also for meningitis and septicemia. This drug is widely used because it offers ample capacity kill bacteria sensitive to its action (Gram-negative, especially species of Pseudomonas); it does this by inhibiting the protein synthesis of these bacteria.

Just for the breadth of usethe active ingredient of Tobramycin is produced in different formulations: powders, eye drops (the well-known Tobral for example), ophthalmic ointments, tablets, as well as solutions to be administered intramuscularly and intravenously.

In the official Aifa press release it refers to a procedure implemented to protect public health. The checks were carried out by AIFA inspectors, pursuant to art. 70 of Legislative Decree 219/2006. Here you are the packs object of the block:

  • “TOBRAMICINA IBI vials 100 mg / 2 ml”, AIC n. 033973013, lot n. 0013167 exp. 04/2023
  • “TOBRAMICINA IBI ampoules 150 mg / 2 ml”, AIC n. 033973025, lot n. 0013170 exp. 04/2023,

These medicines are manufactured by the company IBI Italian Biochemical Institute Giovanni Lorenzini SpAlocated in Aprilia (LT), via Fossignano, 12.

Anyone who has Tobramycin packages corresponding to the Lots indicated above at home is invited to return them immediately to the pharmacy where they purchased them.

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