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“It’s raining in the gym, but goodbye money for jobs”

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“It’s raining in the gym, but goodbye money for jobs”

“With the arrival of bad weather and copious rains, even the water inside the municipal gym arrived on time”. Thus begins the attack on the administration of the minority councilors of San Costanzo Domenico Carbone, Ermenegildo Bevilacqua and Nicoletta Carboni, who refer to an episode that took place on Sunday morning in the building of the school campus in via Santa Selvino, when before a youth volleyball match it was necessary to dry the parquet with sheets and cardboard, because rainwater had entered from various points of the ceiling.

“There have always been problems with infiltration – the three opposition leaders are pressing -, for this reason already in 2014 15 thousand euros were spent to redo the parquet that was irreparably damaged following a storm, just 2 years after when interventions were made on the waterproofing sheath of the roof. And that’s not all, because a further 30 thousand euros were spent in 2016, again for interventions on the roof of the building. In short, a lot of money disbursed, but without the slightest result being seen and this it is not acceptable, above all because it is a very important structure, serving schools and also used by numerous sports clubs in the area, including the Real San Costanzo women’s volleyball team which plays in the Serie C championship and is very popular by the fans.”

Carbone adds: “It is not possible to see companies forced to spread sheets and rags in order not to damage the wooden flooring. It is a situation that also endangers users. A danger for which this administration would be responsible, which does not seem willing to solve a now grotesque situation. In 2021 – he adds – an intervention of 80 thousand euros was foreseen which was not carried out. Through a question we asked the administration why it chose to allocate those funds to something else and why it could not find any further and did not consider this intervention a priority”.

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