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Join the Indie 2022, the Italian world of video games has never been stronger: the titles are on the way

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Join the Indie 2022, the Italian world of video games has never been stronger: the titles are on the way

Join the Indie, event organized by Video Games Party and sponsored by Intel, has reached its fourth edition, which coincides with the expected return to a hybrid formula, both digital and physical, after two years forcibly remotely.

Thought for the press but also for the public (the replica is available on the Twitch channel of Multiplayer.it)saw dozens of independent Italian developers participate and intervene, ready to tell about past and future projects, but also national and international guests: from David Wise, prolific composer of video game soundtracks such as Donkey Kong, Battletoads e Star Foxa Louis Castle, game designer del game of Blade Runner released in 1997; from Andrea Babich, narrative designer of the Milanese division of Ubisoft, to the Dardari Bros, real pioneers of the videogame development of the boot.

Join the Indie, however, is also a useful reminder on the health of video game development in Italy which continues to grow, not only in terms of revenues (in 2021 it exceeded € 2 billion)but also of professionals committed to their implementation (more than 1,600 at the end of the first quarter of 2021, according to the report I am Culture 2021)without however focusing too much on data, statistics, percentages, which are certainly needed but which perhaps too often take their eyes off the beating heart of the market and the productions that reach the Italian and international virtual shelves.

Geeked Week 2022

Cyberpunk, Resident Evil, Tekken and others: on Netflix, video games become TV series

by Emanuele Capone

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The upcoming titles

What is surprising is not only the increasing number of titles coming out or arriving in the coming months: some shown, some tested (on PCs equipped with Intel processors, of course), pad, mouse or steering wheel in hand, leave you pleasantly surprised thanks to increasingly higher production values, which sometimes betray budgets with a few zeroes less than more famous American or Japanese productionsbut which often compensate with alternative artistic solutions, or with brilliant and enjoyable mechanics.

Only sometimes because (for example) the adrenaline Redout 2 of Turin 34BigThings it has very little to envy in terms of mere graphic rendering of international productions: inspired by the legendary Wipeout saga, it is a futuristic racing game in which you compete on dizzying circuits driving supersonic spacecraft. It arrives on June 16th on PC and consoles of old and new generation (Nintendo Switch included), and it looks really good. As well as the dark tale of the Bolognese Trinity Team, former authors of Slap and Beanstribute to Bud Spencer and Terence Hill (and interviewed here by Italian Tech): The Darkest Tales is a dark and brutal reinterpretation of the most famous fairy tales, in which they take on the role of a brave knight bear, arriving in July and ready to show us the dark side of Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and the Little Mermaid.

Also on June 16 it will also be the turn of Temperia: Soul of Majesticwhich debuts on PC in the Early Access version (allows you to buy the actual game, but in a still incomplete version and at a reduced price): developed by Moonwolf, a studio founded by the famous streamer and pro player Moonryde (578 thousand followers on Twitch), it is a competitive card game that aims to stand out from competitors such as Hearthstone thanks to a more direct approach, with short but intense matches, and a great care taken in creating a real one narrative universe in which it is set the game, for which other collateral projects are also in the works (such as a series of novels).

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Another Italian project he has had is also imminent not a little resonance abroad: Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms by Gamera Interactive. Tested in preview by Italian Tech and defined “an ambitious, vast and intricate project, which mixes classic dynamics of the role-playing game with some ideas from the past”, the game by the Padua-based studio is just a love letter to the RPGs of yesteryear, those of Ultima Onlinethose in which for live an adventure at the Dungeons & Dragons there weren’t many alternatives to billboards, paper and pen. The development is not yet completely completed, but on June 30 it will be possible to purchase it in the Early Access version, on Steam and GOG.com.

Autumn release date for 3 other very interesting projects, also welcomed with open arms also and above all abroad: Soulsticecoming September 20 and developed by Reply’s gaming division, it is an intriguing fast action game with a particular mechanic, which allows the player to control the two entities that make up the protagonist, a chimera made up of a fused but independent body and spirit. The setting is a dark and brutal fantasy Middle Ages, and to convince already now are both the fluidity of the combat system and the artistic style. Batora: Lost Havenby Stormind Games from Cataniait’s a bit of an action game, a bit of a role-playing game and focuses on the great care placed in the lands in which the protagonist will find herself fighting, but above all on the plot and the choices with which the player will shape her. Tennis League VRof the Milanese AnotheReality, is instead a mix of training software and video game, a tennis simulator created in collaboration with real experts and teachers, designed to train and improve, even before offering immersive entertainment: you wear the viewer, you hold the controllers, and between more professional and other more competitive and playful ways, you learn the basics of the discipline. For owners of Quest 2the Meta viewer, there is already the possibility to try a free demo from the App Lab, while the full version will arrive in a few months.

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Made in Italy

Ravenous Devils is a delightful psycho-horror video game. And a cooking simulator

by Alessandra Contin

An image of Soulstice

An image of Soulstice

A balance of the situation

But at Join the Indie there was also room for productions that have already been released, and for others that will come in a few years: one of the spaces was dedicated to Freud’s Bones, a graphic adventure dedicated to the father of psychoanalysis, whose development started with a single author, Fortuna Imperatore (aka Axel Fox) who as a self-taught began to turn the dream of becoming a game designer into reality. Of the game, available from the end of May on Steam and which will also arrive on Switch in the future, find an in-depth analysis on the pages of Italian Tech. The presence of is also inevitable Vesperdeveloped by the Lombard studio Cordens Interactive, which after a good critical success with the release on PC, returns to Switch with an improved and enriched version, the Zero Light Edition.

Among those present also two leading figures of the digital motoring scene: on the one hand, the newly formed Milanese division of the French publisher Nacon is working on a new intellectual property still to be revealed, but among its stables stands that of RaceWard Studio, the authors of the motorcycle simulation RiMS Racing, available since last summer but continuously updated with new tracks and liveries. On the other hand, Marco Massarutto, co-founder of Kunos Simulations, the authors of Race trim, one of the most impressive car simulations in circulation, which since 2014, first with the basic title and then with the Competizione version, has shaped the very concept of driving-sim. Few presentations to the project were needed, but every occasion is good to remember the depth of the talents present in Italy (and to reiterate that there is a new Race trim arriving in the next years).

More in the long term, but no less interesting, others two highly anticipated made in Italy projects: Project Galileoalready previewed behind closed doorsthe soulslike (i.e. inspired by the series Dark Souls by FromSoftware) set in a fantasy reinterpretation of Italian tradition and culture, took advantage of the stage to remember the complicated genesis of the project by Jyamma Games, studio founded in Milan a few months before the outbreak of the pandemic, but also to announce that it will be officially shown in a playable version at the Tokyo Games Show 2022, one of the most important video game fairs in the world.

And international is also the breath of Simon the Sorcerer: Originsthe official prequel of the first, legendary Simon the Sorcerer, one of the most famous and loved graphic adventures. Thirty years later, the Genoese veterans Smallthing Studios they told how the myth of Simon was born, inheriting the license of the English Adventure Soft.

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