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JONSBO – VR4 case out of the box / three-sided MESH panel, pull-out design

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JONSBO – VR4 case out of the box / three-sided MESH panel, pull-out design

The mid-tower case should be the size of the case used by the most players. It can be regarded as the absolute mainstream and is also a battleground of various brands. JONSBO VR4 is challenged with a 3-wire encircling case design, which is to give players a Better heat dissipation and better case. JONSBO has also attracted many die-hard fans with its simple design. The appearance of the new VR4 is very similar to that of the VR3, but it is larger and can hold more hardware, and has a very convenient “pull and pull”. “style” installation design, allowing players to easily install the machine!


Item model number: VR4
Product size: 398MM (D) *216MM (W) *440MM (H) (including base feet)
Material: 1.2+0.8mm steel plate
Hard disk position: 2.5SSD*1+3.5HDD*2 or 2.5SSD*2+3.5HDD*1
Motherboard Support: ITX/M-ATX/ATX
Front interface: Type-C*1(20Pin)+USB3.0*1
Power supply: ATX≤170mm-200mm (when installing a 200mm long power supply, only the fan can be installed on the front panel)
CPU cooler: ≤167mm
Graphics card support: ≤320-345mm (water cooling for front panel installation ≤320mm, fan only ≤345mm)
Fan: Front 120MM*3 or 140MM*2, Rear 120MM*1
Water cooling row: 240*1 or 280*1 or 360*1

VR4 MESH design super heat dissipation

“JONSBO VR4 Case”, available in black and white, the VR series has always been a model with relatively good heat dissipation among the JONSBO cases. The simple mesh and tower design are the characteristics of this series, and this time The appearance and internal mechanism design of the newly launched VR4 follow the appearance of the well-received VR3 before, and at the same time enlarge it, turning the original small steel cannon into an intercontinental missile that can accommodate an ATX motherboard.

→ VR4 outer box.

→ Specifications are marked on the side.

In the accessory box, there are cable harnesses, fan screws, hard disk screws, motherboard screws, CPU extension cables and a magnetic LOGO.

→ Accessories.

→ 8 Pin design.

As always, the fuselage adopts the steel mesh design, and the overall size is 398mm x 216mm x 440mm, which is not too large in the middle tower case. Includes instructions, bezels, straps, screws, and copper posts. The mesh panel is formed in one piece, which is not only beautiful but also strong. The back panel is integrated with the internal structure, and can be easily pulled out like a drawer when it needs to be installed.

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The three sides of the case are designed with MESH. If the player wants to install a fan with RGB, the mesh is just enough to make it impossible for people to see through the inside of the case at a glance, but the light inside can transmit through it, adding a lot of mystery to it. An alternative choice for players who like RGB but don’t like too bright.

→ VR4 black and white.

→ VR4 black.

→ VR4 White.

→ Floor space.

→ Drawer handle.

The I/O is made on the top of the case, and supports two types of interfaces: USB 3.0 and Type-C. In addition, what is more special is that there is only the bottom dust filter on this case, because the mesh of the case itself is already designed as a dust filter, which just has the function of blocking dust, so players who need to use a fan can install it with confidence. Worry about becoming an air purifier.

→ I / O。

→ Raise the feet.

The upper cover of VR4 is designed to be opened directly without any buckles, so when I need to make some simple adjustments, it can be easily adjusted by just opening it up, but because of this, there is no way to install a radiator on the top of VR4. Can only be installed in the front panel space.

→ The top cover can be opened directly.

Internal installation space

In addition to removing the screws on the bottom plate, you also need to remove the security screw connecting the case before opening. After dismantling, you can see that there is a slide rail design at the bottom, which is convenient for players to disassemble and clean at any time.

→ Security screw.

→ Pull-out design.

→ Slide rails.

Because of its own pull-out design, VR4 is very convenient to install as a whole, but because of this, it does not support radiator installation at the top. The motherboard is compatible with ATX and other sizes, with 7 slots of PCIe space, and two 3.5” and one 2.5” storage space; in terms of heat dissipation, it supports three 120mm or two 140mm installation spaces in the front and one 120mm installation space in the rear. As for the water cooling installation, it is the front of the case and the cold radiator that supports 360/280/240mm.

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→ Internal space.

→ Back room.

→ 12 cm space for fan installation.

This time, the VR4 is also attached with a devil felt strap, which can make the whole more beautiful at the end. You can see that there are 2 holes in the power partition for players to route cables, and there is an SSD installation space. The SSD installation method is to lock the included cushions and screws, and then click forward, you can easily Installation; as for the HDD, it is installed next to the power supply, with an HDD mounting bracket.

→ Devil felt girdle.

→ SSD installation space.

→ Lock the special screws and cushions first.

→ Go further and the card is complete.

→ HDD bracket.

On the other hand, the height of the CPU tower fan supports up to 167mm, and the compatibility of high-end dual-tower air-cooling radiators on the market is basically not a problem; and the length of the graphics card can be supported up to 320mm if the fan is installed in front of the case. It can support up to 345mm; as for the power supply, it can be installed with a length of 200mm. But there is one thing that players should pay special attention to. If you want to install HDD and 200mm power supply at the same time, you can only choose to install a fan on the front panel.

In the line where the CPU is installed, the editor found that because of the VR4 pull-out design, the CPU cannot be opened and routed, which is why there is an extension cable attached to the case, but because the VR4 is attached with 8 Pin extension cable, if the motherboard is a dual 8-pin player, you should pay special attention, otherwise you must find a power supply with a long enough cable for installation.

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→ Extend the schematic.

VR4 is given 7 PCle slots this time (3 are reusable). When installing the upper plate, remember not to take it down directly to install the graphics card, just push it forward, otherwise the graphics card will be lost when the graphics card is installed There will be a dilemma that the file version cannot be installed back.

→ PCle tank.

→ Graphics card installation.

→ Fan installation.

Installation display

→ Internal installation is complete.

→ The installation is completed on the back.

→ Turn on the lights and the lights will be less obvious.

→ Turn off the lights and the light will show through slightly.


→ The enclosed magnetic LOGO can be placed anywhere on the case.

The VR4 is undoubtedly the best at the same level in terms of overall heat dissipation and installation, but the mid-tower case can’t cover everything, so it’s a pity to sacrifice some in terms of scalability. However, if you are not a professional creator, according to the usage habits of ordinary players, the space of VR4 can be said to be more than enough, and the space is used perfectly. VR4’s relatively excellent heat dissipation chassis also provides players with more possibilities for assembly. There is no need to use a water-cooled configuration for processor heat dissipation. Even if an air-cooled tower is used, it can provide enough cooling airflow for high-end processors such as Ryzen 9 5900X.

The price of JONSBO VR4 in Taiwan has not yet been announced, but according to the price of ¥ 479 in China, the price will probably fall around NT $ 2500, but the editor is just guessing, it is actually based on the official JONSBO! If you are a player who is relatively demanding about heat dissipation and ease of installation, you can refer to this VR4 case.

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