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Jorge Lorenzo stays in shape today with the gym and bikes, but the diet …

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In the life of the former world champion of MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo, sport remains an important component, but his eating habits have also changed

For two years he has decided to leave MotoGP. The latest injuries were too painful and limited him to driving. Nevertheless Jorge Lorenzo he has not stopped cultivating a passion for engines and for sport in general. The Majorcan born in 1987, five times world champion in the World Championship, seems oriented towards a return to the track even if with four wheels. He is also one of the riders chosen for the 100 km of champions, a competition organized by his former Yamaha teammate, Valentino Rossi. Thanks to a still excellent physical preparation.


Despite the withdrawal, Lorenzo continues to behave like a true sportsman, practicing various disciplines. He told it in an interview with Corriere del Ticino: “I still ride my bike and in these days I am considering the option of doing some races in the car. Then at an amateur level I play five-a-side football, I really like playing golf and tennis ”. Jorge continues: “Every morning I train in the gym, let the world fall! Given my passion for food, if I didn’t, it would be terrible for my health ”.


Indeed, the problem of what to eat with meals is a theme that has often gripped Lorenzo. The Spaniard revealed during the program Night D how he managed his weight throughout his career: “When I was 17, in 2004, in 125, I was the same height as I am now, 171 cm, and I came to weigh 52 kilos. I did a lot of cardio and cycling. Chicken breast, salad and grilled fish during meals “. But now everything is different: “I neglected many food restrictions and came to weigh 74 kilos. On social media they tell me that I have gained weight, but now I am better“. In short, Lorenzo has moved on and seems to be really satisfied with his new routine.


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