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Jorit from Putin: ‘I am here in Russia to prove that you are human’

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Jorit from Putin: ‘I am here in Russia to prove that you are human’

“Russia and Italy are united by many factors, including the fight for independence and the desire for freedom that Italians always have in their hearts”. This time he gives the Russian president the hook the Neapolitan street artist Jorit, who praises Putin while speaking at the Youth Festival in Sochi and ends up on stage next to him for the usual photos. “I want to show Italy – she says – that you are a human being like everyone else and counter Western propaganda”.

And the second time in two weeks that Putin emphasizes the closeness between the two countries, as he did on February 20 in a conversation during a forum in Moscow with student Irene Cecchini. Another direct message from Putin to Italy therefore, praise for the country and the strong ties between the two countries, called into question by the years of war but still possible, he seems to insist.

They are all right | Well done Irene, years of “against the grain” theses on the war summarized in a love letter to Putin by Stefano Cappellini 23 February 2024

And so he does it, shaking hands outstretched on the other side, and supported by the artist already the target of strong criticism for one of his enormous murals in the city of Mariupol occupied by the Russian army, and beyond. He dedicated himself to Moscow a maxi-mural to Assangee Putin had already complimented him for that for Dostojewski made in Naples. Always not without controversy.

They are all right | A masterpiece of shame, the Italian street artist who decorates the buildings gutted by Putin by Stefano Cappellini 14 July 2023

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“In Russia there is no freedom of thought? You are saying this”, he told Repubblica on the occasion of one of the controversial episodes in which he was the protagonist. “I am for peace. This war worries me about the broader implications it may have. My opinion on the Russian people has not changed. In Moscow I feel a certain normality: there is talk of war, but from the Russians’ perspective, a point of view that conflicts with that of the West”.

Jorit has been in Sochi for a few days, where he also welcomed the protagonist of his mural on a building in the city, Ornella Muti, who arrived in Russia with her daughter Naike Rivelli for a Russian tour which also made a stop at the Moscow fashion week.

During the event, Jorit asked Putin if he believes that art can act as a bridge between Italy and Russia. “We have always been admired by Italian art – replied the Russian president – and it has always kept us close. Italian art is a great art of a great people, this is evident. We in Russia have always considered it this way and we consider it still like this.” But it is not only art that unites the two peoples, Putin further underlined.

Arena Robinson, Jorit: “My street art is anger that I have channeled into the right battles” by Gabriele Di Donfrancesco 06 December 2021

“Italy’s fight for independence, Garibaldi – he said – hasn’t this united us? This has always united us”. “Italians always have a desire for freedom in their hearts,” concluded the Kremlin head, and “this means that you respect the desire of other peoples to make their choices and choose their destiny.” In the conversation with Irene Cecchini, Putin said that Italy had “always been close” to Russia, recalling the welcome received from the people during his visits. “In some places I found myself completely at home.”

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