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Journalist Pier Attilio Trivulzio found dead: mummified body

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The journalist Pier Attilio Trivulzio, 83, was found dead at his home in the Sant’Agabio district of Novara. His corpse was in a state of mummification. According to initial information, Trivulzio’s death dates back to last August, of natural causes. He had no children or close relatives and no one had noticed his disappearance. The alarm was raised by a colleague from Brianza, Marco Pirola, who hadn’t heard from him for some time, he says NovaraToday. His death is therefore a tragedy within a tragedy: loneliness. The firefighters intervened on the spot, who once they entered the apartment found his lifeless body now mummified. Trivulzio, a Milanese journalist, had moved to Novara after retirement. In the past he had collaborated with Ansa, L’Espresso, La Notte, Il Giorno.

Many colleagues on social media remember him fondly. “In the exciting and for me very formative times of Bergamo Oggi – the roaring nineties – Pat – writes Paolo Marabini , today in the Gazzetta dello Sport – was for a long time my classmate in the sports editorial office, between those four narrow walls that exuded enthusiasm and industriousness. He was a decidedly amusing companion, as well as a scrupulous and passionate reporter. Motors, especially motoring, were his bread. And since he lived on collaborations – an assumption would have been the antithesis of his choice to be a free man – he worked like crazy, to put together a kind of salary every month.Ansa correspondent almost daily on everything related to the Monza racetrack, he wrote for a lot of newspapers, jumping from Formula 1 to karting, from the pages of users in the MotoGP, even if at the time it wasn’t called that yet. The good Pat was anything but ambitious and picky. Whether it was the Corsera or Latina Oggi, it was all the same to him. If it were a triumph of his beloved Ayrton Senna or a rally in an unknown land, it was all the same to him”.

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