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Julian Zietlow: How the fitness influencer crashed

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Julian Zietlow: How the fitness influencer crashed

With what can you be more successful on Instagram than with pretending a perfect, ideal world? With the public smashing of this world. The influencer Julian Zietlow has been proving this since this spring. Zietlow was once a successful fitness influencer who promised men he’d turn them into bodybuilders with a “ten-week program.” With his courses, women were supposed to reach size zero at the same time, which was criticized as a guide to anorexia.

Zietlow also trained celebrities like the rapper Sido, and he founded a dietary supplement company with his wife, the influencer Alina Schulte im Hoff. Rocka Sports GmbH had a turnover of around 22 million euros in 2021. On Instagram, the couple, who met in their teens, staged a marriage proposal, two pregnancies and the purchase of a villa in Berlin.

Zietlow no longer lives in the house, he has also lost the company and his wife. A press release from the company recently said: “On June 21, 2023, the long-time authorized signatory Alina Schulte im Hoff took over the management and all shares of Rocka Sports GmbH from the previous managing partner Julian Zietlow.” Alina Schulte wrote on her Instagram page Hoff: “The last few weeks have been very challenging for everyone involved.” What happened?

He follows his “highest excitement”

Her husband had not spoken to Instagram for months last year, until this April he published a video in which he danced with a young woman in Thailand to the song “Do you want to take drugs with me?” and kissed her . The feedback from the followers was devastating, one user received more than 11,000 likes for the comment: “17 years of relationship and marriage and then humiliate the woman so much.”

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The tabloid media went wild, soon it was said that Zietlow had joined a “sex sect” in Thailand. He himself declared that from now on he only wanted to follow his “highest excitement” – his “highest enthusiasm” – and listed the drugs he had already experimented with on this path. He was particularly taken with Ayahuasca, a psychedelic herbal decoction.

Children between nude pictures: This is what Julian Zietlow’s profile looks like on Instagram. We pixelated his daughter’s face. : Image: Julian Zietlow/Instagram

In the weeks that followed, Zietlow’s content became increasingly provocative. Sometimes he showed himself having sex with his new girlfriend, sometimes he talked about his favorite sexual practices and most impressive drug experiences, then he fantasized about sex with 19-year-old Leni Klum – and in between he suddenly posted pictures of his children; her mother and he had not actually shown their faces on social networks until then. He tattooed the words “I AM GOD” on his chest and a lip print of his new girlfriend on his neck. When he returned to Germany, he said to an RTL team that spoke to him about his children: “Children are also allowed to go through trauma.”

“It’s the worst feeling in the world”

However, Zietlow wants to continue seeing his children, last week he showed in his Instagram story how difficult it is at the moment. At first he complained that his wife had constantly suppressed him during the marriage and pushed him to achieve more and more. He then posted a screenshot of a Whatsapp conversation with her to show that she is currently depriving him of his children and has disabled the key to his house.

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