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Jumping rope to lose weight: how to get started and what to know

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Saltar the rope it’s not just child’s play. It is part of many core workouts of other sports, even at a competitive level, and is a great exercise for lose weight and take your breath away. Economic (a good rope for beginners costs around 20 euros) e versatile (can be done anywhere), this type of exercise can represent one good solution for those who want to get back or keep fit in a short time.

The only precautions must be taken by people with particular pathologies, or by women with prolapse uterine or bladder or in pregnancy and after the menopause. In all these cases it is good talk about it before starting with your doctor.

Jump the rope

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Jumping rope is not a game: word of a certified instructor

We talked about it with Andrea Babcanova, instructor in Italy the first certified Jumprope coach at Buddy Lee Institute. Buddy Lee, American Olympic wrestling champion, was one of the creators of Crossfit.
«In Italy there is the Italian Federation of Acrobatic Sports FiSAC inside which there is also the rope. For me the rope offers a physical and mental well-being.

Let’s start jumping rope: free online workouts

“With Facebook e Instagram we have created a Very active community, we are 4 instructors and we offer free online workouts since we were in lockdown. Every week we propose uhour of online training and each time with a different theme, challenges and endurance. Even now our courses are free, and private lessons are also available, ”explains Andrea Babcanova.

«I have a group of 8 to 15 year olds who are having a great time. You create breath, resistance and have a lot of fun together, even if at a distance. On December 5th there will be an in-person meeting for a live lesson in Milan. In the stories of Instagram we will soon give other details to participate ».

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What are the benefits of jumping rope?

The rope is a tool that can be taken everywhere, it’s cheap, you don’t need space, and jump anywhere and in minutes: 10 minutes a day is enough to make free movement and get great benefits. A good professional rope costs around 20/40 euros. Now there are pvc ropes with nylon thread inside that does not break. “There are many benefits for body and mind: jumping yes works on all muscles, and relieves stress and anxiety. When you start jumping you enter a kind of meditative flow of concentration e movement. Everything else is out. Like in yoga. Improve the heart health, increases the bone density, the position. Helps lose weight and lose weight. I have overweight students who have managed to lose a lot of kilos with a good workout », adds the instructor.

Jumping rope: who can and who can’t

“Apart from those with pathologies incompatible with jumping, everyone can jump, theit is important to be well advised by professional instructors. You jump on the spot even very little, two centimeters, with the right shoes and the mat to cushion the blows. Even for those suffering from back pain, with the targeted advice of the instructor, the shoes and the mat and the breath, he can jump », explains the expert.

How to choose the rope, shoes and mat

“There are many types of strings, better not to buy the rope with the steel wire. It is light and too fast, it is not easy to learn. There best is in a good 5mm pvc. If it is of poor quality, jumps and crossings and intersections cannot be done well. Then there are the corde beaded (with beads), heavier than PVC and simpler for beginners (it can reach 140 grams). I use them with children. It costs around 20 euros.

Andrea Babcanova

The mat on which it is advisable to jump is made of rubber of at least 8 mm in height and at least 125x 80 cm, weighs 6 kilos. It helps cushion and protects the joints and strings also wear out more slowly. The running shoes they are fine, they are amortized.

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Jump rope for beginners: how to get started

It is important to start well to avoid mistakes that can turn into injuries. Or put a strain on the knees and back. “When I started, the first few days weren’t easy, I didn’t have coordination and I struggled. We start by taking a good rope and insisting on the basics ».

Important 3 points:

1. Don’t overdo it, you can’t skip every day

2. Do not strain more than 10 minutes in a row

3 Never jump when in pain. In case of pain, put ice and arnica gel. Two three days of rest are needed.

Mistakes to avoid when jumping

  1. Don’t lean never heels otherwise it loads your back
  2. There is no point in jumping high: a maximum of 2 centimeters is enough. The less high you jump the better it is for training, joints and back
  3. Don’t jump too much and too long, you have to learn to listen to the body. At the beginning, a maximum of 10 minutes a day is enough, including breaks
  4. If you also hear a minimal pain you have to stop and resume another day
  5. Do the warm up before jumping: all sports require warm-up. There are exercises from head to hands, wrists, legs
  6. Finished the workout fare stretching to stretch the muscles
  7. Avoid the double hop: you have to learn the right rhythm and to move the wrists in a coordinated way with the legs
  8. The work of the wrists: a jump and a turn of the rope

Jumping rope to lose weight and catch your breath: what to know

«To lose weight and to take your breath away, there are targeted workouts recommended by the instructor. Usually you work on intensity: Shorter jump sessions with RPS or RPM (Revolution / minute or second), i.e. rope turns per minute or second. Need increase the turn of the rope per second: 30 seconds of running at a fast pace and then 20 seconds of rest and then repeats for at least 4/5 times.

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For the breath, however, you work for 30 seconds (slower laps), 10 seconds of rest and you always restart a series of at least 4/5 and then you go to increase the times 40 seconds and 10 of pause and so on ” , explains Andrea Babcanova.

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Is it possible to jump rope after 50? The precautions

There is no age limit for jumping rope. If you are well and have no pathologies there are no contraindications. The benefits are many because increases bone density, breath, belly, leg and buttock shaping. But you have to use common sense and patience: especially after the age of 50, if you strain your body, you can get injured.

Better not to jump on an empty stomach, the body needs energy for physical activity.

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