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JVC GG-01 headphones, the proof

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JVC GG-01 headphones, the proof

Con gaming increasingly on the crest of the wave, could a historic company like the Japanese JVC, a giant in the audio world, refrain from exploring a sector full of competitors, many of whom, however, lack a strong name or a real history behind them? It took some time, so much so that the debut on the videogame market only arrived this year and takes the name of GG-01: the acronym stands for Good Gamea perhaps a bit clumsy attempt to talk to a younger and more attentive audience, but which spares extravagant design or functionality that would have risked making the rounds and becoming cringe.

The JVC GG-01 are instead absolutely classic, in design and nei materialsas well as in the functionsand they prefer the quality of materials and performance to speak for themselves.


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JVC GG-01, it look

There are black versions (also wireless, but they cost more) and white, made of an opaque plastic resistant (to shocks, less to fingerprints). They allow themselves to the maximum some red detailsin the joints that connect the headband to the pavilions, which are able to rotate 180 °, and in the inner lining, a fabric that covers the speakers (equipped with a single, large 40 mm driver).

The fabric is also present in a comfortable band that separates the head from the headband, adjustable according to the size of the user’s head, but above all, on the comfortable earpads, covering the morbida memory foam of which they are composed. The result is extreme comfort, even after hours of use at high temperatures, thanks also to an equally extreme lightness: the entire headset weighs less than 200 grams, very little for an over-ear device.

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The look is sober but pleasant, accomplice the absence of lights or buttons: there is room only for the volume wheel and for a key that mutes the microphone. Which in turn can be detached if not in use: they can only be used with a 3.5 mm cable, which in turn can be connected to a PC thanks to an adapter (included in the package) that separates the input from the output, so as to allow the use of the microphone or only the audio department. The cable is also included, and is just over 2 meters long.

JVC GG-01, performance

The strengths of these JVC GG-01 are undoubtedly lightness and comfort, but this does not mean that they do not also offer good performance. The obligation to use via cable limits their versatility, making them useless with new generation phones or in any case devices designed for Bluetooth or USB headphones, but their target audience is the PC, on which they work very well (and without the need to install suites, equalizers and so on), as both a listening and recording device, needing two dedicated inputs. Which is why, in case you want to use them with any device equipped with a 3.5 mm jack input (such as the DualSense of PlayStation 5, for example), nothing will stop you from doing it, but you can only enjoy listening.

Which, however, is really good quality, even if not for all frequencies: mid and high are powerful and crystal clear, while the lows are a bit too neglected. With regard to listening to music and movies, in short, you will have a good quality of voices and sound effects, but no feeling of enveloping. On the pure gaming side, on the other hand, we found excellent precision in terms of positioning, with a good virtual 5.1 effect that accurately captures the sound sources and places them correctly in space, transmitting in the right way the origin of a bullet or of the steps. of an enemy ready to get behind the listener. Compared to other pure gaming models, they defend themselves well, without too much envy Razer and Turtle Beach models of the same price range (89.99 eurosbut they are already 15-20 euros cheaper without too much difficulty).

In comparison

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JVC GG-01, in conclusion

The debut of JVC in the gaming field is a first, excellent step to try to compete with names with a less prestigious pedigree, but who have moved better immediately in the videogame sector. Self performance side they have little to envyoffering crystal clear sound and good precision in the arrangement of enemies and sound sources in space, the real strength lies in the comfort they can offer: they are very light and comfortable to wear, a detail that is not exactly obvious when it comes to oversized headphones. -ear from gaming.

Usage is somewhat limited, and the bass is not as enveloping as it should bebut if you need a good pair of headphones, suitable for music but better still for gaming sessions, they are definitely a good option to consider.

What we liked

What we didn’t like

  • Bassi not very convincing

  • Poor versatility

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