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Keep fighting! Google Relay Counters Epic Games “Fortnite” Violation of Platform Treaty | 4Gamers

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A wave of unrest and another wave, Epic Games and Apple have not finished the quarrel, Google has already started to counter Epic Games, counted as an old account of “Fortnite” on the Play Store and not complying with the platform regulations.

In early September, the latest result of the battle between Epic Games and Apple, the court forced Apple to open third-party payment, but Epic Games must add a direct payment mechanism for the iOS version of “Fortnite” and pay Apple damages for violations of App Store regulations.

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Google had considered acquiring Epic Games in order to settle the legal battle of “Fortnite”

South Korea decided to pass the “Anti-Google Law” to break the monopoly of payment by Google and Apple

Seeing that “comrade-in-arms” Apple is not at an absolute disadvantage in this battle. Google recently filed a lawsuit (web link). Most of the views are similar to Apple’s prevailing platform protocol. Both major companies believe that Epic Games violated platform regulations first (using external payments) and made improper profits. Delisting is purely normal.

In the previous allegations, Epic Games believes that Google uses the advantages and profit sharing of the Android platform as an incentive to prevent hardware vendors from installing third-party store apps, and is unique to Google Play Store.

For this reason, Google denied the so-called coercive measures in the court documents submitted, stating that no consumers or Epic Games are obliged to use the Play Store and Google’s official payment system.

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However, as long as it is listed on the Play Store, it must comply with the platform contract and cannot use external payment systems.

Furthermore, Google believes that Epic Games violated the platform contract and caused “Fortnite” to be removed from the Play Store. However, the downloaded software cannot be deleted when it is taken off the shelf. This has led to the continued infringement of Google’s rights and interests. It is necessary to countermeasures and seek reasonable compensation for this.

Although the content of Google’s appeal is similar to Apple’s insistence on the platform contract, will the same result be obtained? unknown. In short, this battle has to be fought, so keep watching.


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