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Keep mosquitoes away by eating certain foods, scientists don’t know why but it really works

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Keep mosquitoes away by eating certain foods, scientists don’t know why but it really works

Keep mosquitoes away by eating certain foods? Incredibly it seems that it can be done. Here are the ones to add to the cart.

That thenutrition has correlation with health Or otherwise diseases we know it. From today, however, it seems that we can change our diet … also to chase away mosquitoes.

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Il problem of the proliferation of insectsthis year, it really is important. With this “crazy” file and the great heat that has lasted for months a lot of inconvenience is occurring. L’alert concerning the mosquitoes it arises from the presence of new species hitherto considered “tropical”.

If they weren’t in Italy before, now in addition to the bites we have to worry about new diseases. We also remind you that the ticksthis year, they are present in impressive numbers. Their bites have already caused some hospitalizations and the advice is to pay close attention. Especially when we go for one outdoor trip.

Therefore succeed in keep some insects away has become even more important. Obviously there are classic spray products, chemical based mixed with natural extracts. They are effective and usually safe even for children. But if we want try an alternative, we can put something more in the cart. Here because.

Keep mosquitoes away by eating certain foods, here are which ones

The scientific world does not explain it. Yet it seems that preferring one food to another leads to the “escape” of mosquitoes. We know, it is true, that these insects can’t stand some smells / aromas. But it’s not like we can eat lemongrassone would think.

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In fact, we immediately eliminate this bad image from the mind, and we implore mostly poisoning. To ward off the mosquitoes it seems we have safer food weapons. And especially tasty.

Garlic apart. Because one of the foods that help chase away annoying insects is exactly the garlic. It is not really the best, in this heat, to eat “plenty”, but some like it a lot and can get theguaranteed “insecticidal” effect.

Moving on to something more appreciablewe point out i Peppers. Great summer vegetables, eating them seems to have the same effect as garlic. However, experts point out that they should be eaten rawotherwise with cooking they lose the anti-mosquito substances.

The Citrus fruits are another precious food to put in the summer cart, because it seems that they are very effective in warding off mosquitoes. And for the sweet tooth we have good news: even i Berries they will serve the noble purpose. It seems that the large amount of Vitamin C is able to make us less “palatable” to mosquitoes.

E even if science does not have a concrete answer to the why of all this, we can anyway to attempt. Basically, eat a nice one macedonia it is a much more than appreciable sacrifice.

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