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Khaby Lame also surpassed Charli D’Amelio: he is the most followed on TikTok

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Khaby Lame also surpassed Charli D’Amelio: he is the most followed on TikTok

In the end he made it: Khaby LameSenegalese by birth but definitely Italian by adoption (he has lived in our country since he was one year old), he managed to overtake even Charli D’Amelio, becoming the most followed tiktoker in the world.

The overtaking took place on the Italian morning of 23 June: 142.4 million followers for Khaby and 142.2 million for Charli, for a long time queen of the most beloved social network of the very young and (together with her sister) at the head of an empire that makes tens of millions of dollars a year. The difference is small (a couple of hundred thousand followers), but it’s all the difference in the worldbecause it makes 22-year-old Khaby the creator with the most following in the world.

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Do you want to be an influencer? Then you have to go to school

by Emanuele Capone

A fortune born of misfortune

As on Italian Tech we have often told (already in June 2021)the story of Khaby Lame began in the middle of the pandemic: fired from the Chivasso factory where he dealt with a numerically controlled machine for air filters, he started making videos on TikTok with the idea of ​​making people laugh. He started for fun, because he didn’t know what to do and to pass the time, and he proved so good that he turned that game into a job. And in a very profitable job.

Last January, the holders of One Shotone of the main talent agencies in Italy, told us how some Italian creators were now able to also bill a million euros a year thanks to the popularity on TikTok and how Khaby himself was “by now too big for Italy”, in the sense that “you need too high figures to hire him.” He was (then) at the levels of Charli, who collects roughly $ 100,000 per post sponsored.

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The citizenship of Khaby Lame (and Patrick Zaki)

by Riccardo Luna

The impossible hypothesis: a Khaby stitch with Charli

Six months have passed, the positions have reversed, and it is difficult to imagine where Khaby will go now: at the end of last year he was increased by 62% compared to the previous 6 months, gaining 47 million followers. Even if it is unlikely that he will maintain these rhythms (there is a ceiling for everyone, even for him), it is not impossible that he will continue to gather support, especially given that the catchment area of ​​TikTok continues to increase. Or even that Charli is looking for a counter-overtake in some wayto the sound of dance, lip-sync or promotions.

Although perhaps what the followers (of both of them) want most is a duet of theirs, or maybe one stitch of one another. Some form of collaboration, which would make TikTok’s counters skyrocket.

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