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Kidney health: the right water to choose

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Kidney health: the right water to choose

There is an indicated and right water to choose to think about kidney health and prevent, for example, the formation of stones, here is what it is.

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The health of the kidneys it is fundamental and is too often overlooked. The kidneys are our filters, the organs that take care of eliminating all those substances that are completely useless or harmful to our body. Furthermore, they have the task of regulating the hydro-saline and acid-base balances in the blood. Finally, some hormones are synthesized in the kidneys.

Sometimes, if there are problems, they are not warned by the person and maybe this person continues to have an incorrect lifestyle and make the situation worse. To keep the kidneys in the best of their shape it is important to have a correct diet and then drink plenty water. But not all water is the same. Sure, any type of water is better than any other type of drink, but that’s not all.

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So let’s see below some tips to be able to think more about the kidneys, to choose the ideal type of water for their correct functionality and to avoid health problems.

Kidney Health: This is the water to choose

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It is worth repeating that to keep well hydrated, to keep the kidneys in full health and functionality, it is necessary to drink a lot. water everyday. Part of it comes from food. There are many foods that contain water in large percentages. The rest we have to drink either from the tap or from the bottle. Experts recommend at least 1 and a half liters per day.

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The Istituto Superiore di Sanità has made it clear that, contrary to what many people think, drinking tap water favors the formation of stones. Tap water must be drinkable and, if in doubt, just use the special filters. However, the best water for the kidneys to drink is that minimally mineralizedtherefore a very light water.

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Help one diet low in sodium and phosphorus, as well as some herbal teas, cranberry and horsetail in particular. The indications of the specialists will be able to be more precise but following some general rules such as those reported in this article can help you. Keeping the kidneys healthy is crucial for survival.

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